Watch: Albert Pujols of the Cardinals beats Babe Ruth for 2nd RBI all-time list with a career No. 703

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Albert Pujols’ rich final season in Major League Baseball continued his run on Monday, claiming the only RBI runner-up ever. Coming to Monday night’s game in Pittsburgh, the Pujols were tied with Babe Ruth at 2214 RBI.

In proper fashion, the history-making Reppi Pujols came home – the 703rd race at home in his career. Here’s a look at Pujols blasting off against Brad Keeler of the Buccaneers – the different 458th bowler that Pujols has called up in his career:

The two-stage shot gave Pujols a career count of 2,216 RBI, and the only one ahead of him on that list is Hank Aaron with a score of 2,297. It’s clear that Pujols wouldn’t hunt Aaron, but even his mention along with this baseball star speaks volumes about the breadth and distinction of Pujols’ career.

That’s Pujols’ number 24 on home soil this season, he’s 42, and he’s reached that number in just 305 players. Of his 24 home matches, he has come 17 times since August 10. Despite his high productivity in 2022 — he’s now chopping .269/ .344/ .5551 per season — Pujols insisted he press ahead with his stated plans to retire at the end of the season.

Pujols’ production this year was vital to the Cardinals’ victory in the Central National Championship, and above all accomplishments, there is no doubt that he wins a third world ring with St. Louis.

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