Surprise, Fortnite servers will be down for maintenance sooner than expected

Before the latest update of Fortnite, the Epic Games team shut down the game’s servers. Maintenance was suddenly done tonight, and the team announced that they would only be back sometime in the early morning. Maintenance is preparing for update 22.10, which is expected to drop in the early morning of October 4th.

The server downtime was announced shortly after 5 PM ET on the Fortnite Status page.

The Fortnite Status tweet reads: “Due to an issue, we are entering downtime early,” after announcing the upcoming update for 22.10. “Update 22.10 will continue to be released tomorrow, October 4th. We’ll let you all know when the downtime is over!”

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The tweet does not provide an official time for the servers to be back. However, the original stop was scheduled to occur at 8 AM UTC or 4 AM UTC. Instead, it happened 11 hours ago, which surprised everyone. We don’t think this was a scheduled maintenance from the Epic Games team, but it’s likely that the decision was made to ensure a smooth update time for players as early as October 4.

With maintenance performed earlier than expected for Fortnite update at 22.10We expect it to follow the same pattern that is available in the early morning of October 4th. However, we have no confirmation from the Epic Games team. We imagine that if they had to take longer on their maintenance, they would communicate with players through their Fortnite Status and potentially respond to the thread they’ve already set up for update 22.10.

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It’s surprising that the servers had to be removed sooner than expected, but it’s good to see the communication from the Epic Games team. While players won’t have access to the game all Monday night, it’s better than dealing with any issues throughout the week.

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