Los Angeles Angels intentionally walk Texas Rangers’ Corey Seeger with loaded bases in the fourth inning

Los Angeles Angels manager Joe Maddon called for a deliberate outing with loaded bases in the fourth inning of Friday night’s game against the Texas Rangers — a decision that quickly backfired.

With one out and the angels trailing 3-2 in Arlington, Texas, Madonne visited with the Savior Austin Warren Before you decide to give the Rangers shortstop Cory Seeger Free base allows Charlie Colperson He scored from third to give Texas the lead twice.

A fly and shock ensued in the next two strokes, resulting in two extra runs to put Los Angeles on a four-stroke hole before a fault at the break.

According to research by ESPN Stats & Information, Maddon’s decision marks only the third time in the past 70 years that a player has deliberately gone along with loading rules. Interestingly, he was the manager the last time this happened — in 2008, when Grant Belfort, a Tampa Bay Rays loyalist, took a picnic with Josh Hamilton. The Arizona Diamondbacks also deliberately walked on Barry Bonds with the loaded bases in 1998.

Each of the previous two base-loaded intentional walks occurred with two naysayers in the ninth inning. The Diamondbacks led by two runs when the Bonds walked, and the Rays led by four when Hamilton was walking.

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