Trump real estate deal in Oman underscores ethical concerns

The report stated that some low-skilled migrant workers in areas such as construction “faced working conditions that suggest forced labour,” and went on to say that Oman has “appropriate” labor standards for safety and health, which, it noted, the advocacy group said is not being enforced. always on foreign workers.

One afternoon, migrant workers exit the Phase 1 site during a shift change, walking directly past a giant sign that reads “Close to Aida, Trump International Golf Club, Oman” that showcases visualizations of a golf course carefully manicured to carve out of the desert-like terrain.

And in small print at the bottom of the site it was also stated that “Trump International Golf Club Oman is not owned, developed or sold by Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump Jr. and Eric Trump,” indicating that this site was operated by DarGlobal.

“It’s very hot — very hot,” said Mathan MP, 38, from India’s southernmost state of Tamil Nadu, as he took a break from overseeing dozens of workers at the project site. But we came to work. We have a schedule. We have to finish the project.”

Omani officials said they will closely monitor workers’ working conditions, adding that during the hottest weeks of summer, workers will not be on site in the middle of the day.

Executives at DarGlobal, Dar Al Arkan and the Trump Organization declined to comment.

The Trump-branded project is being built directly above the coastal village of Yeti, where there are now more donkeys, goats and stray cats on the streets than people, many moving away as construction projects accelerate.

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The few remaining residents know little about Mr. Trump, and have only a general impression of him as a wealthy businessman and politician.

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