The unit signs a new agreement to assist the US military and government

Screenshot showing the unit logo in white on a blue and black grid background.

picture: Kotaku / Unity

The popular video game engine Unity has had a lot of bad press over the past year, as a result of things like Large-scale layoffs And the Some really awful comments from its CEO. The trend continues today, as it was recently announced that the company has signed a new multi-million dollar three-year deal with a technology company that will see it become the “preferred provider of a real-time 3D platform” to the US government, various defense agencies and militaries.

lonliness It is a widely used video game engine often cited as being lightweight, easy to work with, and flexible, allowing independent developers and large studios to create games that can be scaled up across multiple platforms, such as Xbox, PC, and Switch. The engine runs many gamesSuch as Among Us, V Rising, Call of Duty Mobile, And the Cuphead. But this flexibility and power has also caught the attention of people outside the gaming industry, including companies that help build simulators and other systems for the US government and military.

As announced earlier this weekloneliness is parenting CACI International on what the company calls an “exciting” three-year, multi-million dollar deal that will help it become “the preferred real-time 3D platform for future systems design and simulation software across the US government.”

If, like most people reading this, you don’t know what CACI is, here’s how the company describes itself on her website:

CACI is a $6 billion company whose mission and enterprise technology and expertise play a vital role in our national security, protecting our forces, and enabling our government to provide cost-effective, high-quality support to all Americans.

This sounds a lot like the unit once again striking deals to help the US government and military develop technology that can aid soldiers and the country’s ability to fight wars abroad. And while some may not mind working on such a technology, as we saw last year, Several employees in the unit already had a problem on how the company handles these deals. There were reports That some employees were working on parts of the engine that would benefit government and military contracts for the unit, yet the developers had no idea.

Kotaku I contacted Unity about this latest contract and how they plan to keep the game developers separate or aware of military and government contract work with CACI.

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