NFL Training Camp 2022 Updates

The Hall of Fame game between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Jacksonville Jaguars was a delicious appetizer last week, but now it’s the main course. With the full schedule of pre-season games on the roster starting Thursday, teams are gearing up to show some of what they’ve been practicing on screen to fans across the country.

The Buffalo Bills left the comfortable confines of their college home – Saint John Fisher University – but not before a battle broke out between members of the offensive and defensive lines. Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes Adapts to new receivers. The Green Bay Packers’ tallest player is making his big presence felt. The Indianapolis Colts continue to enjoy luck on the injury front.

Things are getting better all over the NFL. Who made the Thursday sign? Who has been exposed? Who had the most fun?

Here’s what you need to know from camps across the league:

What our NFL Nation reporters saw today

Buffalo Bills: Dormitory life officially ended for the Buffalo Bills in 2022 as the team held their final practice at St John Fisher University on Thursday. The Bills are one of seven teams that left their home facilities for training camp this year, and coach Sean McDermott said he would “love” the team’s return to Rochester, New York. There is no contract currently for next year. . quarterback Josh Allen He is also a fan of the Campus Go team.

“I love camp. I love hanging out with guys. It’s a great atmosphere to be around, especially when you have the kind of guys we have in our locker room, guys who genuinely love and care for each other.”

McDermott said Allen will not play in the team’s first pre-season game against the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday. The first team defense and attack had a much larger physical exercise on Thursday, including the tackle and the fight that erupted between the defensive tackle. Ed Oliver and handle the left Dion Dawkinswhile teams 2 and 3 had more walking before their first pre-season game.

Kansas City Mayors: The Chiefs had their final training session before Saturday’s opener against the Chicago Bears. Patrick Mahomes He won’t play more than a quarter but will get his chance to throw a mostly new set of wide receivers for the first time in game conditions. jojo smith schuster He was a favorite target during training camp and the two were tied in a handful of completions on Thursday. As for his goals against the Bears, Mahomes said, “I like to get in there and hit you once. Once you get hit once and you kind of see you’re hitting again as a quarterback, you’re kind of ready to go.”

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New York Jets: The Jets players will play in a series or two on Friday night against the Philadelphia Eagles, according to coach Robert Saleh. DE Carl Lawson, nearly one year after hock surgery, you’re going to be playing – a slight surprise. So much for calming him back slowly. Saleh said they’d be smart with Lawson, who didn’t miss any training, but they also didn’t want to keep him in “bubble wrap.”

Lawson, who signed a three-year, $45 million contract last year, said it would be a “confidence booster” to play on Friday. He said he had “ridiculous expectations” for himself in 2022, adding, “I want everything. I want to do something that isn’t supposed to be possible.”

Green Bay Packers: “It’s hard not to notice the intervention of a newbie Caleb Jones. After all, he is the tallest player in the Packers camp at 6 feet 8 3/4 (he’s listed at 6-9). But it’s time to note where the uncoated free factor is located on the depth chart. At the start of camp, Jones was the right tackle with the No. 3 offensive line. This week, he lined up as the No. 2 left step and considered the Lakers to have no David Bakhtiari And the Elgton Jenkins So far, Jones may legitimately tour a listing venue on opening day.

“Everyone wants to talk about his size, [but] Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst said he’s an athlete who has done a little better than I think people give him credit for. “You have to give him a lot of credit, he took most of his chances.”

In the single pass block exercise, he has a 10-4 record. Anytime he had a hand on the accelerator, he would have stopped him. And after dropping his weight from 370 on Pro Day to 338 on his last, he improved his mobility.

“In this situation nowadays, everyone I’m trying to stop is doing 4.4, and wonders have already been achieved in being able to lose weight,” Jones said.

When asked if there were any long-term interventions he had studied or tried to imitate, Jones laughed and said, “It’s really tough because there aren’t many.”

Washington leaders: Washington held relatively light training Thursday as it prepares for Saturday’s opening game against the Carolina Panthers. Beginners, including quarterback Carson Wentzwill play from 15 to 20 frames.

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Saturday will be a good opportunity for the rookie midfielder Sam Howell To display what you have learned so far. Howell, a fifth-round player who is the third-placed quarterback in camp, is steadily advancing. He will play most of the second half. He’s mostly pocketed practically as he’s used to the timing and rhythm of the play, but on Saturday he will be able to showcase more of his sport when the play falls apart. But what coach Ron Rivera really wants to see is how he handles two-minute situations, should they arise. To prepare him, Howell held a two-minute drill against the Boy Scouts’ defense on Thursday.

Indianapolis Colts: The Colts spent the majority of last season’s training camp putting together an offensive line as four of the five rookie players wasted their time due to injuries.

At this training camp, the Colts have had an amazing injury fortune up front, with all five members of the starting unit having participated in each of the team’s exercises to date.

“It was great,” All-Pro حارس guard Quinton Nelson He said. “I feel great with our offensive line.”

Nelson missed nearly all training camps in 2021 after undergoing foot surgery. Pro Bowl . Center Ryan Kelly And the correct response Braden Smith They were also sometimes marginalized during that camp. This was the prelude to a regular season marked by rampant injuries within the unit and poor performance for what was one of the league’s elite lines.

Nelson, in particular, is healthy and appears ready for a big season after a mentally grueling 2021.

“It’s definitely liberating,” Nelson said. “[Health] It’s something you don’t take for granted again.”

Pittsburgh Steelers: Despite being two days away from his first game in pre-season, the Steelers trained on the podiums on Thursday afternoon and went through several live tackle drills. The highlight was running full-back on defense and full-back, signing camp training Mr. Tej It was a force against the rise of the Steelers. Tej and Rising Back Mark Robinson He completed the exercise three times in a row. Teague won the first game, Robinson the second, and the third was a fierce competitor, with both sides claiming the win. With Penny Snell missing practice and Nagy Harris Still limited, Teague and the rest of the backup contestants got another tall and teal look, Jaylyn Warren And Anthony McFarland was all having good days.

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Today’s top NFL news

James White retires from the NFL after eight seasons

The longtime New England Patriots announced their retirement from the NFL on Thursday, saying it was an “honor to represent” the franchise.

Tom Brady is moving away from the Tampa Bay Pirates to deal with some personal stuff

Coach Todd Bowles said Thursday that Brady will be out of the team for a while. Bowles said Brady’s absence has been discussed previously and that he will return after next week’s pre-season game against the Tennessee Titans on August 20.

Chicago Bears WR N’Keal Harry undergoes ankle surgery

Harry underwent surgery on his left ankle Thursday, and will be out for an indefinite period, according to coach Matt Ebervloss.


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