‘The Bachelor’ recap: Everyone loves Clayton

Hometowns episode of BSC It’s unique in every season because it’s the only season where things are a little out of the show’s control. After seven episodes of being able to carefully organize the environments and choose each person who enters those environments, BSC He is forced to film in strangers’ homes and capture the reactions of people who have never been shown by the acting department. every contestant BSC It was hand-selected because it would make a good TV, but in her hometown, BSC They have to deal with their family, who may look like or act like –inhalation!Ordinary people.

The show usually tries to impress plot lines from these potential ordinary families: Is there an internal rift that can be taken advantage of in the drama? Is someone’s father frighteningly protective of his daughter? Often times, the show has been successful in these attempts. But other times, like Monday night, they fail miserably. Suzy’s family loves Clayton. The Siren family loves Clayton. Gabi family Likes Clayton. He’s a fairly harmless guy with big muscles and a big smile. In house after house, Clayton is simply laughing and having a good time.

However, the episode builds the drama for the crucial confrontation between Clayton’s father and Rachel’s father, who is supposedly rude and mean to all of Rachel’s friends. Apparently he offered to hit up Rachel’s last boyfriend, which made Rachel pray for her father to be “civilized” with Clayton.

Then comes the confrontation and… It’s okay! Rachel’s father asks if Clayton would be willing to move if Rachel’s career as a pilot required it, and Clayton says sure. Rachel’s father asks about the oddity of dating several women, which leads to Clayton’s most insightful answer: He admits that he inevitably “would hurt someone” because of how strong his four relationships were. Once Rachel’s dad gets over the unusual nature of his daughter falling in love on a TV show, it’s okay. He told Clayton that if he was satisfied with the relationship at the end of the night, he would shake Clayton’s hand and pat him on the arm as he left. And sure enough, as Clayton leaves, Rachel’s father delivers, with BSC Using the slow motion restart on the handshake/arm combo as if it was a 3-pointers game.

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The drama comes at the end: Clayton tells Jesse Palmer before the rose party that he “falls in love with these four women, with different qualities,” which is a pretty big deal because I don’t think the show allows for polygamy. When Clayton takes down Sirene at the end of Monday night’s episode, it’s devastating and somewhat difficult to fathom. Clayton can’t explain why he dumped Siren, and Siren doesn’t get it either. But he has to get rid of someone.

Clayton’s relationships are so smooth and unremarkable that it’s hard to say who really stands out or negatively. Monday night gave us an episode of reality TV that looks a bit like actual reality. We just saw a man sitting in the living room, having a decent amount of wine, waiting for family time with his folks. It wasn’t particularly entertaining, because we all experienced it. But this regular comma underscores the absurd nature of what comes next – when reality returns to reality TV and it has to destroy some people’s lives because those are the rules. I can not wait!

Best Solution: Cutesy Tags

This year’s hometown dates took Clayton into three of the 50 largest cities in the US – Virginia Beach, Denver and Oklahoma City – as well as Orlando. Now, I know what you’re thinking: I have no idea what any of these cities look like. With the exception of replicas of fairy castles in Orlando theme parks, you probably can’t picture a single building or landmark in Virginia Beach, Denver, Oklahoma City, or Orlando. This does not mean that they are bad places for the millions of people who live there – but that they create a problem for them BSC, which desperately seeks unforgettable spots for viewers to catch up on. (I will never forget to watch Bachelor’s Makeup session in front of the Sunsphere in Knoxville, Tennessee.)

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And therefore BSC She took matters into her own hands. On two of Clayton’s dates, he explores nature with his potential partners: In Florida, he takes Rachel Clayton on a clear-bottom kayak tour, supposed to show him the horrific animals of Florida, who don’t cooperate. (They see a spider – there are no portals). In Denver, Gabe and Clayton go hiking in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. And as fate will be, Both Tours feature signs indicating local attractions designated for love. Gabby and Clayton found Proposal Rock in the mountains, and Rachel and Clayton describe the Kissing Tree in Claremont, Florida, which is fortunately near Lovers Beach.

You’ll notice that both romantic hideouts are denoted with words painted on planks of wood, and that the planks appear to be in very good condition. The paint looks new too! The Proposal Rock slab appears unaffected by the Rocky Mountain winters, and the Kissing Tree slab does not appear to have spent years surviving the hostile humidity of Florida.

Gabe and Rachel act as if the couples in their hometown have been to these romantic spots for generations. And I think it could be true, although Google doesn’t show any results about the Denver proposal rock or the apparently famous Claremont Kissing Tree. (I found This comprehensive list of good places to propose in Coloradowhich deletes Proposal Rock.) These lovers’ lairs may have remained hidden secrets of romantic inclinations, just for the sake of Bachelor’s Contestants to stumble upon during their hometown dates. Either this or anyone on Bachelor’s The staff realized that they could create local love-themed landmarks with a single trip to the Home Depot. If they had only made one slab, I wouldn’t have noticed – but they’re gone three panels.

Hope this becomes new Bachelor’s Tradition – I can’t wait for next year’s Bachelor to get to the locally famous Makeout Caves of Cincinnati or Handjob Hill in Phoenix.

Best Family Member: Gabby’s Grandpa

In addition to being the best depiction of actual reality, the Hometowns episode is also an opportunity for someone associated with Bachelor’s The racer to capture the fame of the short centuries. Will you be a drunk mother? An overprotective father? Brother clearly thought that they Worth the spotlight on reality TV?

Options were slim on Monday night. A valiant effort was made by Siren’s very handsome brother and friend of Rachel’s who was not attracted to males, but I should give the trophy to Gabe’s grandfather. He calls Gabe “a cuddly dingbat” and uses comic perfect timing to tell Gabe he thinks Clayton is “full of shit!” Before admitting that he really loves the guy. My favorite part was when he said that if Gabe couldn’t figure out how to make their relationship work, he’d stalk her after his death – to which Gabe nicely replied that she’d kind of love her if he was chasing after her, no matter the situation. (Great affection! I want to gently haunt my family after I die!)

Gabby’s sense of humor made her the best character of the season. I am now in her entire family.

Best Moment: Already loved really love

The highlight of a relatively quiet night BSC She comes when Gabe is surprised by her father. She doesn’t expect to see her father because his longtime partner has been battling cancer and he’s reasonably unwilling to give her COVID-19 by sitting in a room with a man who’s been flying around the world with several women. But in the middle of Clayton’s reunion with her family, Gabe hears someone causing a ruckus outside, blow a car horn over and over. It’s her father standing in the street with a string of signs telling Gabe how much he loves her and that he hopes to meet Clayton one day. We apologize to any Bob Dylan fan, but we all know what he meant by: this famous scene really love. You Get to know one!

And I must say: Thank you, BSCin order to convert a file really love The scene in something meaningful. For some reason, our culture ignored the actual plot of really love And this scene turned into a creative declaration of love. It is understandable, because a file “Piece really love Nearly a dozen stories, most of them sad On how the British deal with difficult relationships at Christmas. (“Happy” people include a man proposing to his maid, who does not speak the same language, and the Prime Minister of Britain who has sparked an international conflict with the United States because he is an aphrodisiac for his aide.) The plot in question is about Rick Grimes, a futuristic, obsessed zombie hunter. With his best friend’s wife, played by Keira Knightley. He’s gotten to the point where he no longer goes out with his best friend because he can’t be around her. Instead, he’s sitting at home crying and coming out to a haunted home video he made of Keira at their wedding. (Okay, that last part is an assumption, but the movie gives you plenty of reasons for that.) Then, in the supposedly romantic scene in question, his obsession is taken to the next level and he shows up at her house on Christmas Eve to confess his love. Signs so he can stay silent, because he doesn’t want his best friend to know that he’s currently professing his love for his wife. Very bad!

BSC A replica, though? It is really sweet. Feelings run high when Gabe breaks into tears at the sight of her father, as he balances his love for his daughter with his sacrifice to keep his partner safe. The moment is completely devoid of any serious feelings one might have about something like – for example – a friend cheating on another friend’s wife.

The famous Rick Grimes signs proclaim that at Christmas, you tell people the truth. But this rarely happens BSC, a show that people claim they fell in love with before breaking up right after the season ended. That clip with Gabe and her dad, though, was something rarely seen on this show: love! Really!

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