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did you check nintendo switch online* A partition on your Nintendo Switch system recently? With the latest update, you can now earn My Nintendo™ Platinum ** Points using the Nintendo Switch Online service. You can then redeem your Platinum Points for exclusive rewards, including icon items that you can use to create a new look for your user icon!

Exclusive missions

Visit website Missions and rewards A section of the Nintendo Switch Online app on your Nintendo Switch system. You’ll find a list of tasks that you can complete simply by doing things you probably already do with your Nintendo Switch Online membership, such as playing online or trying out your classic game library. Sound easy? it’s a!

Fun rewards

After completing one of these tasks, simply return to the Nintendo Switch Online app to collect your Platinum Points, which you can redeem for digital wallpapers and physical items from My Nintendo Store, and Exclusive code items for new members You can collect them and put them together to create a new user token.

Introducing Icon Items!

One of the new features in the recent update of the Nintendo Switch Online app is the ability to exchange platinum points for items for your user icon. You can have frames, characters, or background items to create your own user icon that other Nintendo Switch players can see when you’re online. Each month will have a different theme and Code items will be updated every weekSo be sure to check out the Nintendo Switch Online app on your Nintendo Switch system so you don’t miss a thing!

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Available up to 3/4:

Animal Crossing™: New Horizons (March Birthdays) and Super Mario Odyssey™

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Want to learn more about missions and rewards? Just make sure your Nintendo Switch system is up to date, then click the Nintendo Switch Online icon at the bottom of the HOME menu to get started.

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