Read Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino’s letter to employees about the ‘X’ rebrand

Twitter is undergoing a major rebranding after owner Elon Musk announced the platform would officially become “X” over the weekend, and CEO Linda Iaccarino spoke about the change in a note Monday praising employees for their hard work.

The move from Twitter to X reflects a step toward Musk’s goal of turning the platform into what he called an “everything app.” In an email to employees obtained by CNBC’s Sarah Eisen, Yaccarino writes that the company has an “inventor mindset” and enjoys “moving at the speed of light.”

Going forward, she wrote, X will continue to develop experiences in video, audio, messaging, banking and payments that will delight users. Iaccarino added that she and Musk plan to work across each team to keep “the entire community informed.”

“Please don’t take this moment for granted,” Iaccarino wrote. “You are writing history, and there is no limit to our transformation. And everyone is invited to build X with us.”

Read the full note below.

Hello team,

What a momentous weekend. Like I said yesterday, it’s extremely rare, whether it’s in life or in business, that you have the opportunity to make another big impression. This is what we experience together in real time. Take a moment to set everything straight.

17 years ago, Twitter left a lasting mark on the world. The platform has changed the speed at which people access information. It has created a new dynamic for how people communicate, discuss and respond to things that are going on in the world. Twitter has introduced a new way for people, public figures, and brands to build long-term relationships. In one way or another, everyone here is a driving force in this change. But equally, all of our users and partners have been constantly challenging us to dream bigger, innovate faster, and realize our greatest potential.

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With X, we’ll go above and beyond to transform the global cityscape – and dazzle the world again.

Our company has the unique drive to make this possible. Many companies say they want to move fast – but we enjoy moving at the speed of light, and when we do, it’s X. At our core, we have an inventors mentality – constantly learning, testing new approaches, changing to get it right and ultimately succeeding.

With X, we serve our entire community of users and customers by working tirelessly to preserve freedom of expression and choice, create boundless interaction, and create a marketplace that enables economic success for all its participants.

The best news is that we are in full swing. Everyone should be proud of the pace of innovation over the past nine months – from feature-length content to creator monetization and breakthroughs in protecting brand integrity. Our usage is high at all times and we will continue to delight our entire community with new experiences in voice, video, messaging, payments and banking – creating a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services and opportunity.

Please do not take this moment for granted. You are writing history, and there is no limit to our transformation. And everyone is welcome to build X with us.

Elon and I will work across every team and partner to bring X into the world. This includes keeping our entire community updated, and making sure we all have the information we need to move forward.

Now, let’s go make that next big impression on the world, together.

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