Watch the new floating Taco Bell serving tacos from the sky

The chain said the first-of-its-kind concept, called “Taco Bell Davy,” opened Tuesday in a Minneapolis suburb and aims to “redefine the concept of driving as consumers know it.” Customers will notice that the kitchen is located above the two-story building and orders are delivered via a “vertical elevator” to their cars.

“For decades, we have been committed to providing a fast, safe and friendly driving experience,” Taco Bell president Mike Grams said in a statement. “Now with our bold goal of creating a driving experience of two minutes or less for concept customers, the Taco Bell Defy is the future.”

Another advantage, according to Taco Bell, is to reduce the amount of time customers spend driving through. a Survey 2021 from QSR مجلة Journal He said a Taco Bell order takes an average of 268 seconds, or about 4.5 minutes, to complete. With the Defy, the Series is looking to shorten the process to two minutes or less thanks to its multiple drive lanes.

Each lane will have a distinct purpose, including one for customers ordering via the Taco Bell app, another for delivery drivers, and another for traditional orders equipped with a “two-way audio and video technology service for customers to talk to team members on the second floor.”

Vertical elevator.
Taco Bell has experimented with a number of pandemic-driven design changes. In 2020, the series debuted A ‘Go Mobile’ concept Which reduced the size of the dining rooms and included two lanes for cars. Inside, customers see more digital kiosks as well as personal staff who will take orders.
The designs come in response to the changing ways in which consumers order fast food Since the start of the epidemic. Digital orders and digital orders have greatly spread in the popularity of basically every series, including ChipotleMcDonald’s and Starbucks.
for Yum Brands (yes)In a recent earnings call, the company revealed that digital sales, the parent company of Taco Bell, grew 15% to a record $6 billion in the first quarter for all of its brands. Yum Brands also owns Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut and Burger House.

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