Miranda Lambert stops another show amid backlash in Las Vegas


July 24, 2023 | 11:28 a.m

Miranda Lambert does not “settle down”.

The selfie-tinged country singer called for another unscheduled reprieve midway through her Las Vegas residency on Saturday to address the crowd.

But this time, it was to enthusiastically express his appreciation for the concert’s T-shirt, which was reportedly emblazoned with the seemingly pro-Lambert slogan, “Shoot Tequila, Not Selfies.”

in Post a video on InstagramLambert, 39, who controversially launched an anti-selfie tirade at a recent show, can be seen yelling with fans after she caught the clothing article.

“Her T-shirt says, Take Tequila, Not Selfies,” the “White Liar” singer exclaimed to laughter and applause from the audience. “I did it, I didn’t!”

As the audience continued to roar, the singer could clearly be heard telling the fan that her shirt was “bada–“.

Country music singer Miranda Lambert paid tribute to a fan Saturday after she stopped in the middle of her Las Vegas residency to draw attention to a concert T-shirt that reportedly read “Shoot Tequila, Not Selfies.”
As the audience continued to roar, the singer could clearly be heard telling the fan that her shirt was “bada–“.

In a token of appreciation, the fan then hands the singer a small bottle of tequila which Lambert unscrews and takes a swig before serving to her bandmate who reduces the remaining alcoholic drinks into one.

The interaction with the audience comes nearly a week after Lambert slammed a group of fans lining up to take a selfie in an emotional moment while watching it at Planet Hollywood.

according to viral sectionLambert stopped the show after a few bars on her song “Tin Man”.

“I’m going to pause here for a moment, I’m sorry,” said Lambert to the pianist. “These girls are worried about their self-image and not listening to the song.”

In a token of appreciation, the fan hands the singer a small bottle of tequila, which Lambert unscrews and takes a swig.
Lambert then introduces it to her bandmate, who reduces the remaining alcoholic beverages into one.

“It bothers me a little bit,” the singer continued. “Sorry, I don’t like that. Not at all. We’re here to hear country music tonight. I’m singing some country music.”

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Lambert’s “Actin’ Up” Video He has nearly 4 million views on TikTok.

After the scolding, many fans and He left the party in protestlike heard in the voice From social media posts and referenced by reports from Multiple music outlets.

A woman can be heard telling her companions as they step up from their seats: “Let’s go—you don’t do that for the fans.”

concert Known as Adela CalinHe said that the singer called me “it felt like I was back in school where the teacher is scolding me for doing something wrong and telling me to sit in my place.”

She continued, “I feel like she’s determined to make us look like we’re young, immature, and vain.” “But we just grew up with women in their 30s to 60s trying to take a picture.”

According to Kalin, the selfie took “30 seconds at most”.

Last week a video of the singer “Drunk” Popping a beach ball She returned to the surface, adding more fuel to the fire.

Many music icons have it too They criticized the singer’s behavior.

“Miranda, get over it, baby,” LLCool J said during an appearance on the “Mercedes in the Morning” podcast. “They are fans. Let me tell you something about art — and I say this with love,” the hip-hop legend added. “So, your job as an artist is to create art. How people choose to interact with or engage with and appreciate that art is up to them.”

Rapper Vanilla Ice poked fun at Lambert during his concert in Atlantic City after telling fans they can “take all the selfies you want” and that “this isn’t a Miranda Lambert concert.”

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