Pokemon Go Excadrill: Best moveset for PvP and Raids

Philip Trahan

Trainers looking to level up the Ground/Steel power, Excadrill, in Pokemon Go need to know the best movesets for both PvP and Raid content. Let's find out everything you need to know to get the most powerful Excadrill.

Excadrill first appeared in the main series in Generation 5, and is available for trainers to play in Pokemon Go.

In the main series, Excadrill is a powerful and reliable Pokémon that can take a lot of hits and deal some excellent damage thanks to its rather unique type combination. Fortunately, this remains true in the mobile address as well.

So, for those looking to raise Excadrill in Pokemon Go and use it for PvP or Raid content, let's break down the best moveset for each type of play.


Pokemon Go Excadrill all moves

Fast movements

  • Mud Shot (Ground/Stab)
  • Metal claw (steel/stab)
  • Mud slap (ground/stab)

Charged moves

  • Earthquake (ground/stabbing)
  • Drilling operation (ground/thrust)
  • rock slide (rock)
  • Iron head (steel/stab)
  • Scorching sand (ground/stabbing)

Pokemon Go Excadrill is the best moveset in PvP

When it comes to PvP content, the Excadrill's best moveset is Mud-Slap as a fast move with Scorching Sand and Rock Slide as charged moves..

Trainers should choose Mud-Slap as their fast Excadrill move because it offers the highest overall DPS potential for the Ground/Steel type. While Metal Claw is good, Steel overall isn't a great type in PvP content and other Pokemon could fill that niche better.

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The charged move should go to Scorching Sand, thanks to its low energy cost, damage output, and 30% attack reduction chance. The Second Charged Move slot should go to the Rock Slide for extra coverage.

Pokemon Go Excadrill Best Raids Moveset

When it comes to PvP content, the The best moveset for Excadrill is Mud-Slap as a fast move with Scorching Sand and Drill Run as charged moves.

In Raid content, it's best to choose a Ground-type Steel moveset for Excadrill, as there are other Steel types that can perform better than it.

That's everything you need to know about the best Excadrill moveset in Pokemon Go. For more guide content, check out these other links below:

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