Keychron’s latest keyboard is a more compact way to repair your number pad

Keychron’s latest wired mechanical keyboard is the Q5. It uses construction similar to premium material x 1 And the Q 2 The keyboards I’ve followed, but with a larger design that includes a number pad. It’s not a traditional full-size keyboard, but the idea with its 1800 design (also known as the 96 percent layout) is that it offers nearly all the keys a user might need while they’re on the go. relatively built-in.

“There is currently no fully stock 1800 layout mechanical keyboard on the market,” said Paul Tan, COO of Keychron. “The 1800 format saves about an inch of space from a full-size keyboard, without having to remove many keys. It’s the smallest you can go with, without taking away the number pad.” Keychron Q5 Available As a fully assembled keyboard for $185, or you can get a “naked” version without keys or keycaps for $165. Models with a programmable volume knob cost an additional $10.

Versions with a programmable rotary knob cost an additional $10.
Photo: Keychron

Available colors include blue (pictured), gray and black.
Photo: Keychron

The Q5’s specifications will be familiar to anyone who has followed Keychron’s recent forays into premium mechanical keyboards. It’s hot-swappable, which means you can install or replace its keys without the need for soldering, and its keys can be reset thanks to the QMK firmware. It includes keycaps for both Mac and Windows in the box, and there’s a physical slider to switch between the two operating systems. The Q5 connects to your device via a detachable USB-C cable.

Most importantly, the Keychron Q5 uses a similar architecture to what made Q1 and Q2 such delights to write on. Its casing is made of aluminum, and its circuit board uses what’s called a gasket-mounted design to give it a small amount of flexibility while writing. This design greatly influences the feel of Keychron’s Q-series panels. Screw-down stabilizers are used to reduce rattling from larger keys such as the space bar, and the included silicone pads are designed to reduce any ping noises while typing.

If you’ve stopped using Keychron’s premium mechanical keyboards so far because you can’t give up that traditional digital keyboard, the Q5 could be a great entry point.

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