NVIDIA will release DLSS 3 Unreal Engine 5.2 plugin soon

NVIDIA promises DLSS 3 additions to game developers

NVIDIA has revealed its plans to release a Frame Generation plug-in for game developers who want to implement this technology in their software. It will be available through “NVIDIA Streamline,” a multi-vendor, open source framework for integrating these technologies.

Instead, developers will be given access to the Unreal Engine 5.2 DLSS3 plug-in, which will be released “very soon”. This means that the DLSS3 plug-in will be more than two years old since the release of the DLSS2 UE plug-in.

With the DLSS 3 Frame Generation plug-in publicly available at GDC for developers, and soon the DLSS 3 addon for Unreal Engine 5.2, it will be even easier for developers to improve the next generation of games. [..]

DLSS Frame Generation will be accessible via NVIDIA Streamline, an open source, multi-vendor framework that simplifies the integration of ultra-high resolution technologies into games and 3D applications.

– Nvidia

The company announced that DLSS3 adoption was seven times faster than DLSS in the first six months since the technology was introduced. In addition, today NVIDIA confirms another batch of games that will support DLSS3 with Frame Generation technology. In March, NVIDIA expects DLSS3 to be present in 7 new games, including Diablo IV, Forza Horizon 5, The Finals, and Redfall, the latter confirmed as part of the latest RTX 40 game bundle.

As a reminder, NVIDIA does not release the full source code for its upgrade technology (unlike AMD with FSR). This means that plug-ins only contain DLLs that cannot be modified in any way. Regardless of what is included in the plug-in, Unreal Engine developers will now have three options: FSR2, XeSS, or DLSS3 technologies, which can be added separately or together and provide more options for end users.

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source: nvidia

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