Masahiro Sakurai talks about his future: “I'm still making games right now”

Image: Nintendo Life/Nintendo

There has been a great deal of talk about the future of the legendary video game developer and creator of Smash Bros. Masahiro Sakurai, who is ending his career, and even talked about this himself previously.

Now, in a latest upload to his YouTube channel, Sakurai briefly mentioned how he is “still creating games at the moment.” Here's exactly what he had to say:

Masahiro Sakurai: “For me, I'm still creating games right now, but I'm also creating a YouTube channel.”

This line was dropped after a short conversation about some people in the video game industry stepping back from the public spotlight and sometimes looking for a change of pace, or even moving into a new industry entirely.

Keep in mind that Sakurai's latest update doesn't necessarily guarantee any upcoming projects, so try not to get too excited.

Back in December of last year, Sakurai was said to be “semi-retired” after finishing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Ultimate DLC. However, he stated earlier this year that he couldn't imagine a future Smash title without his involvement.

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