Jason Totem stuns Lob Nets


The opening weekend of the NBA playoffs is always the most exciting time on the league calendar and the post-2022 season. Started Saturday in the usual fashion.

A pair of four-seater openers began to steal home-court advantage with a game of 1 offsets. Jazz topped the Mavericks In Dallas and Timberwolves stunned Chrysalis In Memphis.

Then a pair of championship believers received breakout performances from the young guards Tires Maxi scored 38 points to highlight the sixes Raptors last and Jordan Poole had 30 points to lift the Warriors Above the nails.

Sunday is even more exciting with four more series openers.

League-leading The suns are looking to continue their dominance Against the pelicans. Defensive-Champion The Bucks are starting their path again Against bulls. And a tip on what Celtics and the Web are all about Very interesting series of the first round.

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Not surprisingly, but Milwaukee’s Giannis Antodocounbo, Philadelphia’s Joel Empide and Denver’s Nicola Jogic are the three finalists for the MVP. There was some irritation on Twitter that Golden State’s Jordan Pool was not the finalist for the most advanced player – Cleveland’s Darius Garland, Memphis’ Ja Morant and San Antonio’s Dijon Murray were approved as finalists in that category.

Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo had 17 points and 11 rebounds against Chicago in the first half, and although it appeared that the Bucks could have eliminated the bulls in the first half, the Bulls kept it close despite firing 31.7% off the field.

Milwaukee took the lead 51-43.

Three bulls had double counts: 12 points for DeMar DeRozan, 11 points for Zach LaVine and 10 points for Nik Vucevic.

Brooklyn Nets Guard Kyrie Irving Boston seemed to give the Celtics fans a “double bird” Before the jump ball in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference first-round series.

No love was lost between the Celtics fans and Irving, who left the Celtics to join the Nets in 2019. Irving once burned the sage in Boston’s arena to “purify the energy.”

If the league confirms Irving’s action, he will be fined. The price for giving an obscene gesture to a fan is $ 15,000. However, Irving was fined $ 25,000 for directing obscene language to fans during a game in Cleveland earlier this season, where Irving once played for the Cavaliers.

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Despite Irving’s 39 points, the Celtics beat Game 1 115-114.

“When people start screaming (comprehensive) and (detailed) and (exhausting) you and all these stuff, you can (only) take it as a competitor” Irving Post Game said. “We expect to take a calm, polite, and polite approach. No, (comprehensive) That’s it, this is the playoffs. This is it. I know what to expect here, and the same energy that ‘I give back to them.”

– Jeff Jilkit

Jason Totem saved the day To the Boston Celtics. As time went on, his driving force gave the Celtics a 115-114 victory. You could say the Celtics were lucky to get Game1. The Celtics thrashed in their final possession – and Marcus Smart gave Tottenham a pass just in time.

Brooklyn nets are a dangerous number. 7 There is a reason for being considered a seed. They have Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Despite Torrent fighting in Game 1 against Boston, the Nets almost eliminated grief due to Irving, who had 39 points, six assists, five rebounds, four assists and one block. He did it in front of a Boston crowd that hated him for leaving the Celtics.

Without Celtics center Robert Williams (left knee injury) senior senior Al Harford came in with 20 points and 15 rebounds.

How did the Celtics pull this off? Tatum (31 points), Jaylan Brown (23 points), Smart (20 points) and Harford provided enough attacking – 94 points in total.

No matter how many games this series goes on, it will still be fun. Let’s hope the seventh goes.

– Jeff Jilkit

Brooklyn star Kevin Durant had seven points in a 2-to-10 shootout against Boston, but Kyrie Irving and Goren Trajic helped Boston to a 61-run equalizer at half-time. Irving scored 15 points and Trojic 11 points in the opening half. Boston star Jason Tatum had 15 points and seven assists, while Al Harford contributed 14 points. Marcus Smart had a good all-around half with seven points, three rebounds, three assists and a steal. Brooklyn should feel better about the end of the first half – on the road, not making tight and torrent shots. The Nets recorded 61 points without much of a durant against the league’s best defense. There were 17 lead changes and eight ties in the first 24 minutes

Number in the game by Jason Tottam and Jaylan Brown. Bruce Brown was asked last week about the key to slowing down the 2nd-placed Celtics. Brown said it would be best to focus on neutralizing Boston’s front court, as center Robert Williams III, who underwent surgery in late March to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee, will miss the first-round series.

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“Totem can’t be allowed to get 50,” Brown said. “We have to be physically with them. They don’t have Robert Williams now, so they’re low on paint, and we can attack Al Harford and (Daniel) Tees. So it’s great that they do not have Robert Williams.

Kevin Durant was annoyed when he was told about his teammates’ comments a few minutes ago.

“We respect our opponents,” Durant said. “We don’t need to talk about what we’re going to do to them. I do not like it, but Bruce does. He’s come in and has the same energy throughout the season. But we do not need to say that (expletive).

The Celtics scoreboard operator put Brown’s message on the zombotron and did their part to provoke the Celtics’ anger.

Duncan Robinson 3-for-9-to-8, P.J. When Tucker goes 4-for-4, the Miami Heat are hard to beat. The same thing happened in Miami’s 115-91 win over the Atlanta Hawks.

The 3-ball is as important as ever. Miami 18-to-38 (47.4%), and Atlanta just 10-to-36 (27.8%) – 24-point difference in 3 seconds.

Good news for the Hawks: Trey Young will never fight like that again from the field. He is 3s, including 1-to-12, 0-to-7. Last Jan. 15, scored only one field goal in a game against Utah on 2021.

Miami’s defense ranked No. 4 in the regular season, forcing 18 sales, 12 thefts and limiting the Hawks to 38.7% shooting from the field.

In his first game since March 11, John Collins (foot and finger injuries) showed he could contribute. He had 10 points and four rebounds in 21 minutes.

Heat deep: Outside the bench, Robinson led all scorers with 27 points, and nine Heat players scored at least six points. Jimmy Butler had 21 points, six rebounds and four assists, and Kyle Lowry had 10 points, nine assists, four rebounds and two steals.

When Kyrie Irving was introduced to the Celtics team before facing the Nets in Boston, his cold welcome was not a mystery.

Irving, who left Boston for free agency, saying he wanted to sign again, was not a fan favorite there. When he returned to Boston last year, Irving entered the middle of the Celtics logo. And his latest comments do not streamline things.

Irving hopes everyone has progressed since then, urging fans to remember the good times they had.

“I hope we can go back to my Boston era, and they can re-enact some of the highlights I left at TD Garden,” he told reporters this weekend. “Move forward. A new paradigm, baby.”

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After losing 131-111 to the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday, Toronto coach Nick Nurse said on Sunday that this year’s newcomer Scottie Barnes (left ankle sprain), Tadius Young (left thumb sprain) and Gary Trent Jr. (non-Govt. 2). May be in doubt. “It’s not good for any of those men,” the nurse told reporters.

Atlanta Hawks forward John Collins, who has not played with a foot or finger injury since March 11, is expected to play against Miami Sunday in the 1st game of their first round Eastern Conference Series. Hawks coach Nate Macmillan called Collins the end of game time. Atlanta center Clint Cabella suffered a knee injury in the play-in game and was out indefinitely, but could return later in the series.

The Brooklyn Nets have Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving as the most talented attacking players in the league. Therefore, it is understandable that one would think that the Nets have a chance against the Boston Celtics in the first-round series of the Eastern Conference. But if you look closely, you know that the Celtics have been the best team in the East for the last three months and the best defensive team in the NBA for the entire season. The Celtics excelled on both sides of the ball with all-NBA players (Jason Tottam), all-defensive players (Marcus Smart) and one of the game’s most underrated players (Jaylan Brown). The Celtics are an excellent all-round team. Choice: Celtics 113, Nets 103.

– Jeff Jilkit

The New Orleans Pelicans are the most feel-good team in the NBA playoffs. They got off to a terrible start, 1-12, to first-year coach Willie Green. Also owner Zion Williamson has not played this season due to a leg injury. Their second best player Brandon Ingram was limited to 55 games due to injuries.

But the Pelicans defeated LA Clippers 105-101 in a play-off match on Friday to reach the final playoffs at the Western Conference. Their reward: Meeting with the Suns, the team with the best record in the league.

For a long time, it seemed that the end of the road for pelicans would be Friday. They trailed 84-74 to start the fourth quarter. But following Green’s inspirational speech, Ingram took them back with some big baskets in the final quarter, telling them that he had done more than just come up with something like a 10-point deficit.

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