“It's just been a net positive for us.”

After backlash on social media after the Jets placed Aaron Rodgers on the active roster last week, the quarterback has finally decided to set the record straight.

During his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday, Rodgers said he asked the Jets to place him back on injured reserve after both sides decided he would not play again this season.

The Jets ultimately elected to place Rodgers on the 53-man roster so he could continue his rehabilitation and practice with the team. Because of this, Jets linebacker Nick Bawden was released before later being added to the team's practice squad.

“I thought there would be some talk about it,” Rodgers said. “The story is simple. We lost last week, and I was targeting 24 again. So I assumed I would go to IR.

“I asked to be put on IR because, you know, there was a conversation – ‘Do you want to train?’ And I said not at the expense of injuring someone. I know how this works and I didn’t feel like I needed to train to continue my rehab. I can do things On the pitch on the side. But obviously I was overtaken there. You know, it is what it is.

On four offensive plays, Rodgers tore his Achilles tendon in the season opener against the Bills on September 11. Two days later, he underwent “SpeedBridge” surgery, which placed an internal stent over the Achilles tendon.

Rodgers was cleared for some but not all football activities and the Jets opened a 21-day practice window on November 29. He was always targeting December 24 against the Leaders as a possible return date. But the four-time MVP also said it “wouldn't make sense” to return at less than 100% if the Jets don't have a shot at making the playoffs.

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Miami defeated the Jets 30-0 on December 17, eliminating them from postseason contention. The Jets had only three days after that to either elevate Rodgers to the 53-man roster or he would return to injured reserve. The latter would have forced him to miss the rest of the season.

If Rodgers is placed on injured reserve, he will not be able to practice with the team.

Many fans and even various media outlets criticized the Jets and the roster after he was placed on the 53-man roster.

“Atmosphere [Douglas] “I will always do what we feel is best for the organization, and having him is a plus,” Jets coach Robert Saleh said. “Being on the coaching field, he loves the coaching field.

“So, his presence there, his juice, his energy. Shoot, even the Friday before the Washington game, running all the scout team reps and all the straight talk with the defense and the defense and it was just a net positive for us.

After moving Rodgers to the active roster, the Jets waived Bowden. Once he wasn't claimed by another team, the Jets placed Bawden on the practice squad because they could then promote him for a maximum of three games.

Bowden was elevated from the practice squad for Sunday's 30-28 win over the Leaders. However, he was inactive for the match.

“That was an interesting situation,” Rodgers said. “I called Nick right away and said, 'Hey, I just hope you know this isn't coming from me.' I asked them to put me on the infrared machine. But he actually said, 'Hey, look, I can get my money.'” “Fine. Don't worry about me. He could have been better this week if he was healthy, but he'll be back this week, I'm sure.”

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