Google Wallet may be back

It looks like Google is somehow bringing the wallet back after making the app part of Google Pay (via Android Police). According to Mishaal RahmanThe company is working on creating a wallet interface for Google Play Services that will act as a way to access and manage payment and transit cards, pass cards, rewards memberships, and more.

Currently you Manage most of these in Google PayAnd it seems likely that you’ll be able to access the new Wallet user interface from within this app, which Rahman says will still be used for contactless payments. It also appears that the cards you put in your wallet can be accessed from anywhere else, as the screenshots show a link that says “Learn how cards appear in your wallet via Google”.

google wallet It started as an NFC payment app from Google In 2011, it served as a place for you to store payment cards digitally. Over the course of his life, it evolved into digital (and Sometimes physical) Payment service over the years to become a kind of competitor to Venmo before it was combined with Android pay to Create Google Pay In 2018. Since then this app has been Completely renovatedIt turns out to be much more than just an app that you use to send money to friends and store your digital cards.

This transition has It was confusing to someand the fact that Google Pay is trying to deal with it everything related to payments (Google even planned to launch a banking service for it, but Project canceled) probably does not help. If Google is bringing Wallet back as a separate location for managing your cards, it could help focus the Google Pay experience again on paying in stores and sending money to friends.

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