Kendrick Lamar announces new album, changes name to oklama

Kendrick Lamar finally announced his new album, more than five years after its release Curse. Or should I say that Oklama announced a new album? When Kendrick mockedThe ultimate TDE albumLast summer, he signed the “oklama” memorandum, which was sent to Now the same site has shared a file press release From oklama’s office untilHis company pgLangAnnouncing the release of the new album Mr. Morale and Big Steppers On May 13th, less than a month from now! that is great!

According to the press release, “All factual information for this statement will come directly from this source only.” Meanwhile, Kendrick’s Twitter account was linked to the announcement while quoting another tweet from February 13 saying “Kendrick Lamar has officially retired.” So I guess it’s now the artist formerly known as Kendrick Lamar? Or perhaps, as one wise commenter below suggests, the tweet was quoted as a joke to prove that Kendrick didn’t actually retire? or both? Who cares about details as long as his rap is as cool as it was these kids Kim songs.

Mr. Morale and Big Steppers It is off 5/13 on TDE. for what it’s worth, The Black Panther Audio recording It was a really good collection of Kendrick Lamar music even if it wasn’t technically from Kendrick Lamar’s albums.

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