Derek Carr: I think skill will decrease if the proposed off-season changes are implemented

It is expected that the American Football Players Association Suggest changes To an off-season calendar that would eliminate the voluntary organized team activities now taking place around the league and replace them with additional work in the summer that would lead directly to training camps.

While the proposal comes from the NFLPA, Browns defensive tackle Shelby Harris said so He does not know Of all the players who support the idea Saints quarterback Derek Carr came out as opposed to it as well. During his appearance on Green light Podcast with Chris Long, Carr said he believes players will benefit more from the current schedule than the one the union is proposing.

“I Think skill “It takes playing all of our positions to go down because you have less time on task,” Carr said. “As a quarterback, your timing, your rhythm, your accuracy — all of that in April is not at its best. You can use these practices and OTAs to get there. . . . The NFL season is already long and you start it a month early, so for me that would be Difficult. There is a lot that young players have to learn as I think online travel agencies are useful.

The proposed changes to the offseason calendar have been tied to the league’s expected push to extend the regular season to 18 games and the financial aspect of that expansion may outweigh any concerns about the consequences of changing offseason programs.

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