Leclerc is in first place and Russell is in second place after the penalty shootout

Regardless of Verstappen taking the five-place grid drop for a new internal combustion engine, Leclerc set the pace at Monza by a quarter-second to delight home fans as Sainz, who will start at the back of the grid, scored third. Sergio Perez.

Ferrari He had a 1-2 pause in the third quarter as Sainz delivered 1m20.584s in his first run of Q3, helped by a purple sprint through the first sector, to outpace Leclerc’s 1m 20.770s effort.

Verstappen initially settled into third, despite his prowess in the second sector, being just under a tenth of the second F1-75 distance.

Then for the climax, it looked as though Red Bull might give one last response as Verstappen posted the fastest path through the middle of the circuit once again to pile on the pressure.

Although Leclerc was a few hundredths slower than Sainz’s benchmark in the S1 and never hooked up to a purple sector, its combined effort scored an unrivaled 1m20.161s.

That gave him bragging rights on Verstappen 1m20.306s even before the RB18 finished sixth on the grid as Sainz ran to 1m20.429s.

With Perez losing 10 places – after the Mexican was behind the top three in the league by 0.8 seconds behind his sister Red Bull – and another driver Lewis Hamilton crossed the cutting limit, George Russell He will start alongside Leclerc.

This came though mercedes W13 is again struggling to warm up its tires.

Lando NorrisMeanwhile, he held out for seventh place Daniel Ricciardo as such Pierre Gasly Do enough to skip the Alps Fernando Alonso The double champion aborted his last run.

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Gasly shot himself into the top ten on penalties thanks to an effort of 1 million 22.062 seconds in the second quarter to find 0.07 seconds. Esteban OconThe Alps The driver lost 11th place after running slower in the first and second parts than on the previous lap.

Gasly escaped the hosts’ attention as he was released along with Lando Norris as part of a late wave to find track location when everyone left the garages with 2m20s to go.

Valtteri Bottaswho struggled on the brakes throughout training, ran to 12th, ahead of the Formula E and . champion Alex Albon Nyck de Vries replacement on board Williams.

De Vries was complaining in his first-ever F1 qualifying session from struggling on the brakes on the first chicane, but the last lap shaves him off later in the lap.

Approaching the second turn, the Dutch driver locked the rear to suffer a huge surprise which he eventually discovered, but knew right away that his qualifying session was over.

However, he used the FW44’s straight-line velocity superiority to good measure to finish 14th ahead of Zhou Guanyu Alfa Romeo And the Yuki Tsunoda.

The AlphaTauri The driver, who joined Hamilton and Sainz on penalty kick, did not participate in the second quarter.

It came after Verstappen became the first driver of the weekend to drop below 1m21, after topping Q1 for 18 minutes by 0.35 seconds on Leclerc thanks to his 1m20.922s.

But it was less rosy Nicholas Latifiwho was wiped out by his struggles on the brakes in the first part of qualifying as he was two hundredths slower than de Vries’ first atom.

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De Vries held on to his appendicitis-stricken Albon look and stuck to his appearance in the second quarter even though his fastest final lap of the first quarter was omitted in order to push his luck to the edge of the track.

Sebastian VettelMeanwhile, he continued his run out of the first quarter in 17th place Lance’s Outing He was only 18th in the second Aston Martin with Haas coming in behind.

It was a messy session for both VF-22s, like Kevin Magnussen His times were taken out twice for exceeding track limits thanks to a series of fouls in the second Lismo.

Mick Schumacherwho was practically hampered by clutch issues, ran slower after a big front lockup on his first chicane sprint.

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