Apple lays off more than 600 employees in California

Apple plans to lay off more than 600 employees in California, according to a statement from the state.

a Warning notice The California company that posted it said 614 employees at eight different facilities in Santa Clara County will be permanently laid off. Employees were notified of the layoffs on March 28, and the terminations will be effective May 27.

Apple also laid off 121 employees in San Diego County earlier this year. It will be terminated effective April 26.

News of the downsizing comes after Apple canceled plans earlier this year to build an electric car. Firstly Reported by BloombergThe company announced in February that it would end its decade-long effort to build an electric vehicle.

The company's Special Projects Group, which includes about 2,000 employees, viewed this news as a surprise. Executives told employees that they would be moving from the automotive team to the artificial intelligence team.

Apple is headquartered in Cupertino, which is located in Santa Clara County.

The Hill reached out to Apple for comment on the layoffs, but the company declined to comment when contacted By CNBC News.

Apple is also facing its biggest antitrust challenge yet as the Department of Justice (DOJ) targets the tech giant's control of the smartphone market. The Justice Department says Apple's creation of the iPhone ecosystem has given the company dominance in the smartphone market.

The company is accused of creating services and products that only work best when used with Apple's systems to maintain dominance across different technological devices.

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