Abby Lee Miller approves of JoJo Siwa's new look, music video


Abby Lee Miller


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Abby Lee Miller It is all in to JoJo Siwa'Bad Girl' character… and she's loving her brand new music video too… which is an integral part of her sexy brand.

The celebrity dance instructor told TMZ that she watched JoJo's new video for “Karma”… and even with some of the more daring dance moves… she doesn't think it was too graphic or crossed the line — in fact, Abby says she thinks JS played a role Relatively safe.

As for the outfits in the video that some fans said Abby would never approve of, ALM flipped the script… saying she absolutely loves them… mocking the haters If she could afford outfits like those for 'Dance Moms,' she would 100% in a heartbeat.

Abby also talks about JoJo's recent comments at the 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards, where she said she was emulating pop icons like Britney Spears And Miley Cyrus With her darker personality – which some fans thought was a bit of a stretch.

As it turns out… Abby feels JoJo's a master of juxtaposition — and she tells us the comparisons are fair because pop stardom is JoJo's dream, and if she wants to channel the energy of these big stars, she'll do it well!

Abby also tells us why she believes JoJo will find an audience no matter what – saying that the two have a wide range of fans… and that JoJo can count on young people and even old people to follow her journey.

That's the beauty of their time working together, and the success of their careers… Abby says they've each created a dedicated following that's interested in them, period.

Bottom line… Abby sings Jojo's praises for continuing to learn, grow, and go after what she wants – and she supports her pivot to a more adult theme.

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