A new solar eclipse map shows the path of totality could change, leaving some U.S. cities without views of the celestial event.

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21:20 05 April 2024, Updated 21:32 05 April 2024

The total path of the solar eclipse could change on Monday – and now experts are urging people to travel to different locations to witness the celestial event.

Amateur astronomer John Irwin has published a new map of the 115-mile path from Maine through Texas that reveals a shift of roughly 2,000 feet.

The updated calculation suggested that people in Rome, New York, Effingham, Illinois and parts of Fort Worth, Texas will no longer be able to see the eclipse properly.

About 34 million people are expected to watch the eclipse, but hundreds of thousands of spectators will now be left out of the immediate path and unable to see the event.

The solar eclipse (pictured) will span 115 miles from Maine to Texas on Monday, but astronomers say the path of totality has shifted by 2,000 feet.

As people prepare to travel to see the eclipse, Irwin's report suggested that the path of totality predicted for several months may be slightly off.

Irwin is part of a team analyzing the solar eclipse event for Bessilian elements. WebsiteThey reported that this adjustment causes land elevation on both the Moon's limb and the Earth's surface.

Terrain altitude is an adjustment for how close the Earth is to the Sun, which accounts for mountains, which slightly alter the path of totality.

'By accounting for the surface area of ​​the Moon and Earth, accurate eclipse prediction has brought new attention to the small but real uncertainty in the size of the Sun,' a NASA spokesperson told Dailymail.com.

It added that uncertainty in the Earth's rotation could also affect predictions of the eclipse's path.

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The map shows a series of lines with red indicating where the path of totality should be and orange lines for the new alignment.

NASA said there is a small but real uncertainty about the Sun's size, which could lead to a shorter path of totality.

However, despite reports that the trajectory had changed, NASA said it had not changed its predictions.

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Dr Michael Kirk, a research scientist in the Heliophysics Sciences Division at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, said: 'Calculations using a radius slightly larger than the Sun's make the ecliptic path slightly narrower. Thrillist.

'This difference will only affect cities at the edge of the path of totality, where blanket predictions are difficult—some cities could see 20, 10 or 0 seconds of totality one way or the other.'

However, the change will be so small that those already in the area won't need to relocate – the cloud cover in some areas will be a concern.

University of Auckland physicist Kapila Gastoldi said that even if the new calculation is correct, 'the differences are so small' that they won't matter to most observers.

But to be safe, NASA told DailyMail.com that for those on the edges of the path, it might be worth traveling closer to the center to guarantee a good view.

'Traveling towards the center of the path of totality, even by a mile or two, can rapidly increase the length of totality that people can see,' said a space agency spokesman.

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People in cities including Dallas, Indianapolis, Buffalo and Cleveland will see a scheduled four minutes of total solar eclipse.

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