Xbox Series S receive a performance boost

A white Xbox Series S stands in front of a green background.

picture: Xbox / Kotaku

While it’s not the most powerful console out there, the smaller and less expensive Xbox Series S has been a huge hit for the Xbox. But some developers are said to have felt the pressure of getting bigger and more advanced games to work on the console and in response, Microsoft is freeing up some memory to help improve the performance of the mini console.

As I spotted it the edgeMicrosoft is hoping to make the Xbox Series S a little more powerful by freeing up some memory and letting developers access that additional memory if needed. In a video explaining this new developer-focused updateMicrosoft says it unlocks “hundreds of additional megabytes of memory” and that this, in theory, gives studios more control over how the console’s limited memory is used. Microsoft says this “can improve graphics performance in limited memory conditions.”

The June Game Development Kit (GDK) is now available

To be clear, this isn’t the same as Microsoft quadrupling the power of the S Series. Nor is this Microsoft flipping some secret switches to allow the console to run games at 8K, 240Hz or anything like that. Instead, the amount of memory allocated to non-game functions on the $300 S-Series is adjusted.

While the strongest Xbox Xbox X The console has 16GB of RAM, while the cheaper Xbox Series S has just 10GB. But prior to this update, developers only had access to 8GB of that memory as Microsoft reserved about 2GB for the console’s operating system. Developers will now have a few hundred more megabytes of memory, which may help some games run a little better going forward.

Microsoft has long ranked the Xbox Series S as a cheaper, less powerful but still capable console option for the next generation. And the It has proven to be a very popular piece of hardware Since it launched alongside the most awesome Xbox Series X in 2020. Hell, I’ve already had it Xbox Xbox X And the I ended up buying one. It has become the main way we play in our living room, and it’s perfect for her fall guys And the fortnite. But for more intense games, it can get tricky, and require a lower frame rate or resolution. This has reportedly led to some issues and frustration with developers trying to run some games on the smaller device.

A recent example of a game performing differently on Series S is the Evil Dead game, which launched without a 60fps performance mode on the cheaper machine. Resident Evil Village also limits the game to Only 45fps at 1440p and 30fps if you turn on ray tracing.

Hopefully, a few extra bits and memory will help developers working on the Xbox ports not feel hampered by the weaker Xbox Series S.

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