Cubs Select Sean Newcombe, Matt Dermody

4:09 pm: Cubs has officially picked Newcomb’s contract heading to Game 2. Infielder David Pot Selected in Triple-A Iowa to clear the necessary active menu place.

11:22 am: Ahead of today’s double game against the Cardinals, the Cubs announced some roster shuffling to reporters, including Gordon Wittenmaier of NBC Sports Chicago. the left Matt Dermody His contract was chosen and he will serve as the club’s “27th man” during the double bill. left-handed fellow Sean Newcomb His contract will also be chosen to start the second match. None of the players were on the 40-man roster to date, although trade deadline moves left the Cubs at 37, meaning no corresponding moves would be required. However, a place on Newcomb’s active list must be established among the games.

Newcomb, 29, was once one of the much-loved candidates with Atlanta, and he did well for them during the 2017-2019 run. In that time, he’s thrown 332 1/3 innings with a 3.87 epoch average, 23% strike rate, 11.6% walk rate, and 44.7% volley rate. However, it was a miserable 2020 and then it was moved to the mall in 2021, but it hasn’t really regained its former form since then. Atlanta hired him for the mission in April and then passed him on to the Cubs, who were definitely hoping to turn back.

He didn’t last long with the Cubs, as he was set for appointment and then disqualified after the concessions were cleared. Since then, he has been progressing well with minors and expanding in the process. He threw a 24 Triple A with a 3.38 ERA, a 30.7% strike rate and a 44.9% ball rate, despite an intimidating walk rate of 17.8%. His outings gradually increased as the season went on, as he scored four rounds in each of his previous two matches.

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This may just be an immediate start for Newcomb to help cover a double head. He no longer had options and could not be taken back to the palace after that. Although if he stuck to a place on the list, it can be retained after this campaign by arbitration.

Dermody, 32, has 29 games of MLB experience under his belt, most coming with the Blue Jays in 2017. Since then, he’s only appeared once in the league, which came with the Cubs back in 2020. He’s spent the past year with Seibu Lions of Nippon Professional Baseball before returning to sign a minor league contract with the Cubs in January. Although the Cubs have helped him primarily for most of his career, they have given him some time at the Palace this year. He’s made 13 starts and seven relief appearances in Triple-A in the season, posting 79 runs 1/3 with a 3.74 ERA, 20.3% strike rate, 5.2% walking rate and 51.2% ground clearance. Unlike Newcomb, it has options and can be pushed back down to serve as a depth of field in Triple-A.

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