WR Giants Kenny Golladay is not happy. What can Brian Dabol & Co. do about it?

After not speaking to reporters after Sunday’s game, Kenny Goladay He had a lot to say Wednesday.

The giants The wide receiver did not agree or like that he only played two shots in a file Beat the Carolina Panthers.

“I have to play regardless,” Goladay told reporters. “This is a fact.”

Coach Brian Daboll said that prior to the game, he told Golladay that they would be going with David Sills on Sunday as a primary receiver. Sills played a leading position with 92 percent of Sunday’s shots, building on 27 shots in Week 1. Meanwhile, Golladay played first place on 46 shots in the season opener, but only scored two games at 22 yards. His playing time decreased significantly in the second week. Why? Daboll simply stated that the uptime for the wide receiver is a one to one week mode.

“It’s an ongoing competition for the receiver,” Daboll said on Sunday. “You’ve said it since when? I’m not an idiot, you’ve said it since mid-camp, right? It hasn’t changed. It will be an ongoing competition.”

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The coach praised Golladay for handling the decision “like a pro.” While speaking to members of the media on Wednesday, Golladay kept most of the details of his conversation with Daboll to himself.

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