‘Wonka’ Eyes $35 Million Opening Weekend – Deadline

Updated, Saturday morning: Refresh for updates and chart Warner Bros. Wonka It does what you’re supposed to do this weekend for a family title before Christmas in mid-December: A- CinemaScore is on track to improve $37 million – $38 million After higher than expected previews/Friday $14.4 million. Some industry estimates have Wonka On opening $40 million.

Dive deep Wonka Demos and many of them are nice in the film, namely females under 18 (11% of audience) who gave it an A+ and those under 25 who gave it an A (36%).


Once again – a great score for a musical after funk popularized the genre, and the studio deliberately didn’t sell it Wonka As one in the trailers. Why? Test audience focus groups clearly hate musicals and the only way to get people into the theater when it comes to them is to trick them. If they get scammed, and they like it, then the business is solid for the studio. That’s the same reason Lionsgate doesn’t rely on those sweet country song numbers The Hunger Games: Song of Songbirds and Snakes Marketing to differentiate this prequel from the rest of its previous sequels. Speaking of this movie, it’s still holding steady at -35% going into its fifth weekend 6 million dollars It has a total run of $145.4 million. Look for the pop in the picture during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The PostTrak outputs are still very good for Paul King’s output Wonka At 4 1/2 stars, 85% are in the top boxes and 64% would definitely recommend. Children under 12 gave it an 87% positive rating and a 70% definite recommendation, but parents gave it 5 stars which means they will be telling other parents who will be spending money to get their kids out of the house in the near future. More females in this Timothee Chalamet film at 54% which is not surprising as 60% of the audience is 18-34 and the largest demo is 18-24 at 33% with 10% 13-17. Diverse demos are 46% Caucasian, 27% Latino and Hispanic, 10% Black, and 11% Asian American. PLF and Imax account for just 35% of ticket sales on the weekend, which is not surprising for a family game. Wonka It is sweetest in the western, southern, central and mountainous regions. Highest grossing theater in the country? Not the tried and true AMC Burbank, but the Jordan Commons in Utah for $62k so far.

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Other social media combinations from RelishMix: Wonka North of 326 million followers across TikTok, Instagram, X, Facebook and YouTube, she has access to pre-Covid music Greatest Showman (331.2 million) and well ahead of 20th Century Studios/Amblin/Disney post-Covid West Side Story (175.2 m).

to understand Christmas with the Chosen One: A Holy Night It is booked at $2,059 and is eyeing $872K for Friday after Tuesday’s 3-day $3M launch in seventh place. There’s no CinemaScore, but Rotten Tomatoes audiences liked it with a score of 88%. The South and Midwest are the best regions for this religious film. The Village Cinema in Meridian ID (which never appears on any list of top-grossing theaters) is the pic’s highest-grossing venue at $2K so far.


Amazon MGM wins at TIFF American fantasy Launched in seven locations in three markets (AMC Century City, AMC Burbank, AMC Grove, Alamo South Lamar Austin, Alamo Brooklyn, Angelika NYC, and AMC Lincoln Square) with 121 thousand dollars Yesterday on her way to 219 thousand dollars 3 days or a 31 thousand dollars Average theater for a strong opening weekend for this market. Alamo Brooklyn tops the list at $25.2k. The pic will expand throughout the holidays.


Updated Friday afternoon: Warner Bros Wonka It’s eyeing $12 million to $13 million on Friday, including last night’s $3.5 million previews, and is on track to $35 million+ Start at the domestic box office at 4,203 locations. This is a respectable opening for this time of year when moviegoers are still sidelined by holiday activities, and it’s also a strong start for a feature-length musical, which is currently ahead of 2008’s three-day total Mama Mia! ($27.7 million) and Hairspray ($27.8 million).

In fact, after such musical mistakes In the highlands ($11.5 million), West Side Story ($10.5 million) and Dear Evan Hansen ($7.4 million), Wonka It is a sure return to distinctive musicals.

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Social media analytics firm RelishMix reports a social media universe for the Timothée Chalamet film across X, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram of 326.4 million, supported by a dedicated TikTok channel as well as 55% of engagement on YouTube videos. That SMU is higher than films like Mary Poppins Returns (229.4 million), but less than that Cruella (424.7 m).

Rest of the top images of this frame are as follows

2.) The Hunger Games: Songbirds and Snakes (LG) 3,291 theaters, Friday $1.65 million (-37%), 3 days 6 million dollars (-35%), total $145.4 million/Week 5

3.) The boy and the heron (GKIDs) 2,325 theaters, Friday, $1.2 million (-79%), 3 days. $4.7 million (-64%), total $22.8 million/Week 2

4.) Godzilla minus one (Toho) 2,622 theaters, Friday, $1.2 million (-45%), 3 days $4.4 million (-48%), total $33.7 million/Week 3

5) Trolls band together (Uni/DWA) 3,154 theaters, Friday, $900,000, 3 days 4 million dollars (-34%) Total $88.7 million/Week 5

Previously, Friday morning: Warner Bros. Wonka It grossed $3.5 million in previews from 3,500 sites. Timothée Chalamet’s musical expands to 4,203 theaters with an eye on a $30 million to $40 million opening.

Interestingly enough comp wise, Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse It opened in the same location in mid-December in 2018, pulling in a $3.5 million preview on Thursday, three days before its $35 million cume. That picture grossed more than 5x at the domestic box office with $190.2 million.

Wonka It’s one of three big pictures coming from Warners in which the Burbank studio is expected to take the top three spots at the domestic box office during Christmas week. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Arrives next weekend with expectations between $ 45 million and $ 50 million for a four-day, and Violet on December 25 with an expected opening day of $8 million.

Wonka This is arguably the first Hollywood tentpole to get an exciting marketing campaign six weeks ago. Other films like Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games: Song Of Songbirds And Snakes, Although it had a temporary agreement with SAG-AFTRA, it only had about a week to offer a last-minute cast after the end of the actors’ strike in November. Disney Wonders He had two days with his crew before opening.

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Wonka It has an 83% approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. The early audience exit on Comscore/Screen Engine’s PostTrak is strong with a positive 84% and 63% definitely recommended with 5 stars from parents and kids under 12. Last night’s audience was 52% men, 48% women, 33% men over 25, 30% women over 25, 22% women under 25, and 16% men under 25.

After Chalamet was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor Call me by your name In 2018, there was a mad campaign by Hollywood to make him a box office star. At $41 million, Warner Bros./Legendary’s Sand dunes It remains his best US opening with $41 million; This pic’s theatrical debut is on a day-and-date basis with HBO Max, undercutting its full commercial potential. Several sources believe so Sand Dunes: Part Two During the first weekend of March 2024, this will be the pillar of support that will finally ignite the year.

Elsewhere at the box office, Gkids and Studio Ghibli The boy and the heron It grossed $970,000 yesterday, -26% from Wednesday for an $18 million first week in 2,205 theaters. The Hayao Miyazaki-directed animated film is expected to drop around -50% this weekend with around $6 million.

Song of songbirds and snakes In 3,665 theaters, Thursday saw a fourth week of $830,000, down 12% from Wednesday, for a fourth week of $13.1 million and a total of $139.4 million.

Toho Godzilla minus one It was booked in 2,540 theaters and had a second Thursday gross of $750,000, down 22% from Wednesday, ending the second week with $12.3 million, and current earnings of $29.3 million.

I started to understand Christmas with the chosen one Tuesday in 2,128 theaters it earned $689,000 on opening day, $486,000 on Wednesday, and $560,000 on Thursday for a grand total of $1.7 million.

AMC Renaissance: A Beyoncé Film It returned for its third Thursday yesterday, after resting from Monday to Wednesday, with a total of $485,000 for a cume of $29 million.

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