Wild speculation about Drake’s unlikely friendship with influential podcast host Bobby Altuve explodes after she mysteriously deletes an interview with the rapper.

  • The TikToker-turned-podcaster went viral with The Interview in July
  • The chat amassed more than 10 million views before it disappeared on August 13
  • Eagle fans have noticed that the couple no longer follows each other on social media

Her interview with Drake went viral last month and saw Bobby Altuve’s fame soar to new heights as the world reacted to her hilarious conversation with the superstar rapper.

However, it looks like the pair’s unlikely friendship may actually have come to an end as vulture fans discover that the podcast episode has been mysteriously deleted from Bobbi’s The Really Good Podcast YouTube channel and other podcast platforms.

Eyebrows were raised even further when fans noticed that the couple had also unfollowed each other on Instagram — which immediately sparked speculation that they might be a cowboy between the duo behind the scenes.

Given that the 26-year-old’s conversation with the rapper amassed over 10 million views on YouTube alone before it was deleted, fans couldn’t figure out why the social media star deleted the clip from her channel.

Drake is interviewed by Bobby Althoff
It looks like the pair’s unlikely friendship may actually be over

Followers of the couple were even more stunned by the move, as Bobbi shared a post of herself attending Drake’s party just one day before the suddenly popular interview was deleted.

In her typical sarcastic fashion, she shared a video of herself looking unimpressed at the party while others danced and sang excitedly.

“Really in my element here @ this guys party,” she simply states in the caption.

Some wonder if Drake was offended as someone wrote: “Maybe they didn’t like her disrespect at his concert?”

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Another added: ‘This is why not everyone can have influence. Drake blessed her podcast and this is what she does.

You know I thought something was off about that interview. Especially when they took that dig at each other. Interesting, one follower said.

However, many soon began to wonder if it was all a publicity stunt as one put it: “Maybe it’s just too far from the thing.”

Another said: “You didn’t delete it, it just went private.” So this means it’s a PR move.

Vulture fans discovered that their July interview podcast episode was mysteriously deleted from Bobbi’s YouTube channel and other podcast platforms.
Many fans are starting to wonder if it was all a publicity stunt as one fan said, “Maybe it’s just too far from the thing.”

It’s all a little bit. I’m sure this has been planned since the interview,” added a fan. It’s a great move. Whatever PR firm handles this they do a great job.

Another agreed as they wrote: “Marketing genius! This is for media coverage.”

Some fans made it clear that they wouldn’t enjoy the move as a way to get attention as one commented: “I hope you’re not doing this just for the flicks, which can be cool.”

At the time of writing, the couple is still not following each other on the social media platform while the only evidence of the interview on her channel is some video teasers that were released before the whole interview started.

The former momfluencer first found fame on TikTok in 2021, after posting related content focused on her children and pregnancy experiences.

The pair’s followers were surprised by the move, as Bobbi shared a post of herself attending Drake’s party just a day earlier.
Bobbi, from California, went viral on TikTok after posting a funny clip about the uneven breasts caused by breastfeeding a newborn in 2022

She then launched her own podcast in April of this year, where she was praised for her sense of humor while chatting up famous rappers like Drake, Tyga, and Lil Yachty.

Explaining how she landed her conversations, she told Cosmopolitan that Drake liked clips from her interview with comedian Fanny Marco and then followed suit.

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Bobbi chose to reach out immediately as she explains: ‘I decided to go after her and fire my shot. I DMed Drake and asked him if he wanted to be on my podcast, and he said yes.

He sent me his touring schedule, and I knew I needed to get this done quickly, so my boyfriend and I flew to Memphis two days after he sent the original DM to record the episode.

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