Week 2 2022 NFL Picks from PFT

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I’m going to drive early.

In the first week, MDS and I disagreed over four matches. I went 3-1. This is an early lead in the game.

This week, we differ in five out of 16 matches.

I went 9-6-1. He was 7-8-1. For the difference, I went 7-9. MDS was 4-12.

Scroll through this week’s picks. And if you are betting on the spread, do the opposite of what we recommend.

Chargers (+4) in Chiefs

take MDS: The Chiefs was my pre-season pick to win the Super Bowl, and it didn’t change my mind in the first week.

MDS selection: heads 28, chargers 17.

Take Florio: Chargers are good. The bosses are better. And bosses have additional motives. While LA may not attack the quarterback Patrick Mahomes As much as the Cardinals (54 percent of the dropouts), Mahomes and the President are willing to manage offense to perfection.

fluoro choice: Chiefs 31, Chargers 20.

Airplanes (+6) in Browns

take MDS: The Browns are preparing to start 2-0 for the first time since 1993, and they will do so against a Jets that appears to be heading for a disastrous season.

MDS selection: Browns 27, Jets 17.

Take Florio: The Brownie the Elf emblem is valid for 10 points on its own. It also helps to have a great running game and a stifling defense. Brown only needs the ability to close teams in the second half.

fluoro choice: Browns 24, Gates 10.

Commanders (+2) in black

take MDS: Black is being preferred for the first time over a year ago, but I like it Carson Wentz to beat it Jared Goff And leaders to pull the road upset.

MDS selection: Leaders 21, Black 20.

Take Florio: The top two picks from 2016, with the first pick for his second team and the second for his third team, meet. This is slander at best. Given that the Lions don’t have many clear chances of winning this season, I’ll take advantage of them sooner rather than later.

fluoro choice: black 23, leaders 20.

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Pirates (-3) in Saints

take MDS: The Buccaneers’ defense looked great in the opening match against the Cowboys, and I think they’ll shut down big James Winston Sunday.

MDS selection: Pirates 20, Saints 10.

Take Florio: I keep picking the Bucs in this series, and they keep losing. The Saints seem to have figured out how to slow down Byron Liftwich’s attack. With five receivers injured in Tampa Bay, that task becomes easier.

fluoro choice: Saints 27, Bucs 21.

Panthers (+2.5) in Giants

take MDSCan the Giants really start this season 2-0? I do not think so. Baker Mayfield And the leopards withdraw anger.

MDS selection: Panthers 27, Giants 17.

Take Florio: Ben McAdoo’s revenge game! That wouldn’t be enough, not with backtracking I will be Barclay Back to its 2018 form.

fluoro choice: Giants 24, Panthers 20.

The Patriots (-1.5) at the Steelers

take MDS: The Patriots’ Matt Patricia/Joe judge-led offense looks awful, and the Steelers’ defense looks great. TJ WattA painful injury, but I still saw the Steelers pull out of the house.

MDS selection: Steelers 19, Patriots 16.

Take Florio: Perhaps Bill Bellick will accidentally send a congratulatory message to Brian Dabol after the Steelers, Mike Tomlin and Brian Flores shut down the Patriots.

fluoro choice: Steelers 20, Patriots 13.

Ponies (-4) in Jaguar

take MDS: The ponies in Jacksonville have historically had bad luck, but this time I like to shut them down Trevor Lawrence And earn a low score win.

MDS selection: Colts 17, Jaguar 14.

Take Florio: If the ponies blow this up, Jim Irsai might kick Frank Reich in the locker room.

fluoro choice: Colts 24, Jaguar 17.

Dolphins (+3.5) in Ravens

take MDS: Both teams looked good in the first week, but I was sold to Lamar Jackson a big year later than I am now Toa Tagoviloa. I love crows to win this comfortably.

MDS selection: crows 28, dolphins 14.

Take Florio: Last year, dolphins startled the attack of crows by crowding the line. The crows will be ready for it this time.

fluoro choice: crows 24, dolphins 20.

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Falcons (+10.5) in Ramez

take MDS: The Rams got off to an ugly start this season, and I have serious doubts about whether they can repeat as Super Bowl champions, but I would pick them to win against the Falcons that collapsed in the first week.

MDS selection: rams 24, falcons 20.

Take Florio: The Rams may have more work to do to get back to where they were a year ago, but they will be ready in the second week to reverse the perception that they have fallen and cannot get up.

fluoro choice: rams 34, falcons 20.

Seahawks (+10) at 49ers

take MDS: I think the 49ers are better than they looked on Sunday and the Seahawks are worse than they looked on Monday. Correction is obligatory.

MDS selection: 49ers 24, Seahawks 17.

Take Florio: Sometimes I wonder about the sanity and sobriety of those who drew the outlines. (Those who line up routinely question their safety and sanity, when choosing games.) The Seahawks usually do well against the 49ers, and Tree Lance Still a huge question mark.

fluoro choice: Seahawks 20, 49ers 17.

Bengals (-7.5) in Cowboys

take MDSIt’s hard to see cowboys win so many games Cooper Rush in quarterback. The Bengals should spring for an easy win after a disappointing first week loss.

MDS selection: Bengals 30, Cowboys 13.

Take Florio: This may be worse than a 17-point margin. Dallas’ best chance comes from Micah Parsons harassment Joe Borough more than Aaron Donald I did it at the Super Bowl.

fluoro choice: Bengals 30, Cowboys 13.

Texas (+10) in the Broncos

take MDS: The loss of the first week of The Broncos wasn’t as bad as it might seem. They wouldn’t have bad luck on Monday night, when they lost two senses on the 1-yard line. They should beat Texas easily.

MDS selection: Broncos 28, Texas 10.

Take Florio: The Broncos has a lot of work to do, including getting plays faster. But they should be able to keep their serve in their own turf — even if he keeps Houston within walking distance. However, if Nathaniel Hackett loses to the Texans, he will have to deal with some angry corners.

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fluoro choice: Broncos 20, Texas 13.

Cardinals (+5.5) in Raiders

take MDSThe Cardinals looked bad in the first week, and coach Cliff Kingsbury didn’t help matters after that by criticizing the team’s training habits. It’s easy to see this thing heading south fast.

MDS selection: Raiders 24, Cardinals 21.

Take Florio: The Cardinals may be on the verge of disaster this year. After starting 10-2 last year, 0-2 is coming this year.

fluoro choice: Raiders 34, Cardinals 21.

Bears (+10) in Packers

take MDS: Packers will recover from their ugly first week, just as they did last year.

MDS selection: Packers 27, Bears 20.

Take Florio: There is nothing to worry about in Green Bay. They should be good enough to handle the Bears who earned their final talent tie last week in the form of a Noah-worthy rain event.

fluoro choice: Packers 31, Bears 17.

Titans (+10) in Belize

take MDS: The Titans aren’t as bad as they looked in the first week and the bills are just as unstoppable as they seemed in the first week. The Bills will win, but closer than people think.

MDS selection: Bills 28, Titans 24.

Take Florio: The Buffalo Bills are the Blues Brothers. they On a mission from God.

fluoro choice: Bills 38, Titans 24.

Vikings (+2) in Eagles

take MDS: Justin Jefferson And the AJ Brown They seemed to be the best receivers in football in the first week, and I think they will have big games in the second week. Jefferson’s late landing wins it for the road team.

MDS selection: Vikings 28, Eagles 21.

Take Florio: The Vikings have improved, but a win over Philly in their home opener is something to be expected at the start of the season.

fluoro choice: Eagles 24, Vikings 21.

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