College Football Predictions: LSU-Notre Dame at Tampa, USC-Clemson at San Diego?

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LSU and Brian Kelly vs. Notre Dame and Marcus Freeman at Tampa. USC vs. Clemson in San Diego. Dennis Erickson bowls in El Paso. Lane Kiffin’s Ole Miss offense vs. Iowa’s defense in Orlando.

These will be overshadowed by the New Year’s Six, but for college football fans, these are the games that make bowl season the most wonderful time of the year.

All 82 spots have been filled for the upcoming dishes, which will be revealed on Sunday. After Hawaii’s upset of Colorado State, 79 teams are eligible to play. James Madison and Jacksonville State were next in line as sophomore transfer teams. Minnesota rounded out the list as the 5-7 team with the best Academic Progress Report (APR).

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All 16 possible college football playoff scenarios

A few points:

• Our College Football Playoff prediction remains unchanged as No. 1 Georgia takes on No. 4 Florida State in the Sugar Bowl and No. 2 Michigan takes on No. 3 Oregon in the Rose Bowl.

• The Orange Bowl automatically hosts either the ACC champion or the highest-ranked ACC team available, which could be Louisville in either case. The opponent is the highest ranked non-champion from the Big Ten or SEC, which appears to be Ohio State. If the Big Ten appears in the Orange Bowl, it loses its spot in ReliaQuest to ACC/Notre Dame.

• As for the six tournaments remaining for the new year, we have Tulane back as top five champion to face Penn State, the final game overall, in the Peach Bowl. The Cotton Bowl boasts a former Big 12 and future SEC matchup between Texas and Missouri. As for the Fiesta Bowl, Alabama and Washington may have the most appeal outside of the CFP.

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• A single pair of disturbances can radically change these forecasts. If Oklahoma State and Louisville beat Texas State and Florida State, respectively, Ohio State could jump into the CFP as the No. 4 team and send Alabama to the Orange Bowl, which could knock Penn State into the Citrus Bowl and open the ReliaQuest Bowl for Iowa.

Friendly reminder: Bowls rarely select teams in conference standings. When you see USC listed as “Pac-12 No. 4,” it doesn’t mean the Trojans are the fourth-place Pac-12 team, but rather the Holiday Bowl is using its No. 4 pick to identify them.

Another note: If ESPN is listed after a team, that means ESPN Events has an option for that ballgame. ESPN Events owns and operates 18 bowls, choosing from a pool of mostly 5-team pools. All times are Eastern Time.

Fine print:

* Substitution for a conference that does not include a sufficient number of qualified teams
** Expected 5-7 teams

New Year Six

Dish date difference location time


December 29

Texas (Big 12) vs. Missouri (overall)

Arlington, Texas

8pm ET


December 30th

Penn State (overall) vs. Tulane (overall)


Noon Eastern time


December 30th

Louisville (ACC) vs. Ohio State (SEC/Big Ten/ND)


4pm ET


January 1

Washington (overall) vs. Alabama (overall)

Glendale, Ariz.

1 p.m. ET


January 1

No. 2 Michigan vs. No. 3 Oregon

Pasadena, California.

5pm ET


January 1

No. 1 Georgia vs. No. 4 Florida State

New Orleans

8:45 PM ET

remaining vessels

Dish date a team a team location time


December 16

Kansas State (Big 12 No. 7)

CAL (PAC-12 7)


9:15 pm

Los Angeles Bowl

December 16

University of California (Pac 12 6)


Inglewood, California.

7:30 pm

New Mexico

December 16

Wyoming (MWC)

New Mexico State (ESPN)

Albuquerque, New Mexico

5:45 pm


December 16


Coastal Carolina (ESPN)

Orlando, Florida.

3:30 pm

New Orleans

December 16

Louisiana (Sun Belt)

Jacksonville Street (C-USA)

New Orleans

2:15 pm

Myrtle beach

December 16

Georgia Southern (ESPN)

Ohio (ESPN)

Conway, SC

11 am

The famous roaster

December 18

Arkansas State (ESPN)

Western Kentucky (ESPN)

Charlotte, Nick

2:30 pm


December 19

Appalachian State (ESPN)

Fresno State (ESPN)

Frisco, Texas


Boca Raton

December 21

James Madison (ESPN)

Toledo (ESPN)

Boca Raton, Florida

8 pm


December 22


Georgia Tech (ACC/SEC)

Tampa, Florida.

6:30 pm


December 23

San Jose State (MWC)

Marshall* (AAC)


10:30 pm


December 23

Utah (PAC-12 3)

Northwestern (Big Ten 3)

Las vigas

7:30 pm

68 projects

December 23

South Alabama (Sun Belt)

Eastern Michigan (MAC)

Mobile, Ala.

7 pm

Idaho potatoes

December 23

Utah (MWC)

Georgia State (ESPN)

Boise, Idaho

3:30 pm

Armed forces

December 23

Texas Tech (Big 12 No. 8)

Air Force (ESPN)

Fort Worth, Texas

3:30 pm


December 23

Troy (ESPN)

Freedom* (Part 9)

Birmingham, Ala.

the noon


December 23

Bowling Green (ESPN)

Old Dominion (ESPN)

Montgomery, Ala.

the noon

Guaranteed price

December 26

Maryland (Big Ten 6)

Kansas (Big 12 6)

Phoenix, Ariz.


First responder

December 26

Rice (ESPN)

Texas State (ESPN)

University Park, Texas

5:30 pm

Quick lane

December 26

Minnesota ** (Big Ten 7)

New (Mac)


2 pm


December 27th

Oklahoma State (Big 12 4)

Texas A&M (SEC 3-8)




December 27th

Clemson (ACC 3-5)

USC (Pac 12 4)

San Diego, California.

8 pm

Duke mayonnaise

December 27th

Kentucky (SEC 3-8)

Virginia Tech (ACC 6-8)

Charlotte, Nick

5:30 pm


December 27th

yutsa (ak)

Boston College (ACC 9)

Annapolis, Maryland

2 pm


December 28

Oklahoma (Big 12 2)

Arizona (Pac-12 2)

San Antonio

9:15 pm

Pop tarts

December 28

West Virginia (Big 12 3)

North Carolina State (ACC 3-5)

Orlando, Florida.

5:45 pm

Pencil case

December 28

Rutgers (Big Ten 5)

Duke (ACC 6-8)

Bronx, New York

2:15 pm


December 28

Syracuse (ACC 10)



11 am


December 29

Iowa State (Big 12 6)

Memphis* (SEC 3-8)

Memphis, Tenn.

3:30 pm


December 29

Miami (ACC 6-8)

Oregon State (Pac 12 5)

El Paso, Texas

2 pm


December 29

North Carolina State (ACC 3-5)

Tennessee (SEC 3-8)

Jacksonville, Florida

the noon


December 30th

Boise State (MWC)

Miami, Ohio (MAC)

Tucson, Arizona.

4:30 pm

Music City

December 30th

Wisconsin (Big Ten 4)

Auburn (SEC 3-8)

Nashville, Tenn.

2 pm

citrus fruits

January 1

Iowa (Big Ten No. 2)

Ole Miss (No. 2)

Orlando, Florida.

1 pm


January 1

Notre Dame (ACC No. 2)

LSU (SEC 3-8)

Tampa, Florida.

the noon

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(Brian Kelly photo: Butch Dale/USA Today)

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