Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty expansion has sold 4.3 million copies

CD Projekt has announced that Phantom Liberty, the first and only expansion for sci-fi RPG Cyberpunk 2077, has sold 4.3 million copies since its launch last September – and that more than 330 developers at the company are now working on the next Witcher game.

When we last heard about Phantom Liberty, CD Projekt revealed that it had sold 3 million copies in its first week of release – news that was accompanied by updated sales figures for Cyberpunk 2077, which has now topped 25 million copies sold since its rocky launch in December. 2020.

Word of Phantom Liberty’s milestone of 4.3 million comes via CD Projekt’s latest release Financial earnings report, which also includes an update on how the company’s developers are currently split between its various projects. As of October, about half of the studio — which CEO Adam Kesicki later confirmed had around 330 developers on an earnings call — were working on the next Witcher game, and that number is expected to rise to more than 400 by “the middle of next year.” “.

Phantom Liberty was released to great acclaim in September.Watch on YouTube

CD Projekt – which saw three rounds of layoffs in 2023 – currently employs approximately 700 developers split across CD Projekt Red and The Molasses Flood studios. As of October, team members not working on the next Witcher game are mostly listed as “developers on transfer,” coming from Cyberpunk, Phantom Liberty, and the upcoming Ultimate Edition. The small teams focused on The Molasses Flood’s Sirius project, “Gwent-related projects” – development of Gwent officially ended in October – and “other” titles.

Alongside the next Witcher game and the multiplayer Witcher version of Molasses Flood, CD Projekt previously confirmed that it is also working on a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 and a new IP. A Witcher 1 remake is currently in development at third-party studio Fool’s Theory, and CD Projekt recently announced that it is overseeing a live-action adaptation of Cyberpunk 2077.

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