We need more high-bandwidth USB-C cables and USB versions of them

Not only has Elgato made an excellent teleprompter, but they’ve also made a great USB-C cable that comes with it. Professional sound engineer Matt “Spike” McWilliams has been spotted Elgato’s latest USB-C cable has the bandwidth and USB type printed on the connector, now I wish all manufacturers would do this.

I’ve recently spent many, many hours sorting my USB-C cables into high-speed cables, ones that can provide fast charging, and ones that can do both. None of them had any marking to let me know the speed or type of USB-C cable without having to test them. It’s a common problem for people switching to USB-C right now, and even a small indicator like Elgato’s can certainly help. The writing on the Elgato cable tells me that it is USB 3.0 compatible and can support up to 5Gbps of bandwidth.

The USB Implementers Forum has a logo Manufacturers can use it in packaging, but this is often useless later when you’re looking for a specific USB-C cable in your cable box. I’ve also bought a lot of USB-C cables that claim, on the box, to provide a certain bandwidth and fail to do so in reality.

Elgato’s solution is so simple that I didn’t even notice it when I took out its Prompter recently, but it’s so useful that I wish it were more widespread. “You will see specification data on all Elgato USB and HDMI cables from now on,” explains Julian Vest, senior vice president at Elgato, in a report. Post on X (Twitter). “No more guessing if the cable is the cause of a technical issue.”

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