Watch what happens when police stop a self-driving car in San Francisco

What happens when the police stop a self-driving car?

Mostly confusion.

In an Instagram video originally posted on April 1, a driverless cruise car – apparently driving at night without its headlights on – was seen being stopped by San Francisco police. When a police officer approaches from the driver’s side, he notices…there is no driver.

As the confused officer walks to his car, the journey begins again and crosses an intersection, before stopping again in front of a restaurant on Clement Street, in the Richmond area of ​​the city. Tracking the police car, the officers got off and inspected the unmanned vehicle in more detail, before making a call – apparently to Cruise.

“Are you serious? How is that happening?” A passerby was heard saying.

The video was posted on Twitter on Saturday by a tech journalist Seth Weintraubwhich led to a response Sunday by Cruise — the self-driving car company mostly owned by General Motors, Inc.
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– Who said that the car behaved properly.

“Our AV surrendered to the police vehicle, then stopped to the nearest safe place to stop traffic, as intended. An officer contacted the cruise personnel and no quote was issued,” The company tweetedadding that we “are working closely with the SFPD on how they interact with our vehicles, including a phone number assigned to them to call in such situations.”

The odd interaction is likely to become more common, in San Francisco at least.

Earlier this year, Cruise won regulatory approval to start a completely free driverless automated taxi service in certain parts of San Francisco. Google Alphabet,
Waymo Also started offering fully driverless rides in San Franciscothough only for Waymo employees at the moment.

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