NYC Mayor Eric Adams test positive for corona virus

New York City Mayor Eric Adams tested positive for the corona virus on his 100th Sunday, the mayor’s office announced.

Mr. Adams The focus is on reopening the city After the increase in cases during the uprising of Omigron in the winter. Recently the cases have started to increase againTriggered by the BA.2 variant.

The mayor, 61, woke up on Sunday with a rough voice and was told by the mayor’s spokesman Fabian Levy that the rapid test was negative before the positive test. Mr. Adams has no other symptoms and is isolating and canceling his public events for the week, Mr. Levy said.

The mayor is fully vaccinated, Mr. Levy said, and took a booster shot.

Mr. Adams, who said last week that he would take the Rapid Test at home daily, had traveled to the state capital, Albany, on Saturday for a meeting with lawmakers. He is also conducting a series of interviews to promote his first 100 days in office.

“He will immediately begin taking the free antivirals provided to New York City residents, and encourages all New Yorkers who are eligible for these drugs to take them,” he said. Levy said in a statement. Mr. Adams’ doctor said he was qualified for the drugs and prescribed them.

It is difficult to know exactly how and when a person became infected and became infected. At the Gridron Club dinner in Washington last weekend, Mr. Adams attended, followed by dozens. Positive test.

Mayor Adams has been wearing the mask at some recent events, but despite the increase in cases in the city, he did not wear the mask as often as others after attending the Gridron party, and many participants said they tested positive.

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Wrote a book on how He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2016 and then lost 30 pounds He also said that he changed his diet by changing his diabetes. He often talks about vegetarianism, meditation and his exercise routine. Diabetes can add to the risk of developing a serious illness from Govt Because diabetes lowers the immune system.

In an interview at City Hall on Wednesday, Mr. Adams, despite having a busy public schedule for the past two years, said he had never tested positive for the virus before.

“I never had a positive diagnosis,” he said. Adams said. “I’m well, I’m not feeling the symptoms, I’m always around people – even in the heart of the cove. I was at zero.

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