Virgo for the month of September 2022

September horoscope for Virgo

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Your chart is very lit, with many happy planets preparing for your glorious and financially generous months. It’s Christmas time, and to help you celebrate, the Great Sun and New Moon appeared in Virgo late last month on August 27, and this new moon will be your ticket to a bright new path.

Every year we get a new moon in our birth sign, and the moon that just happened on August 27 was yours. Often times, I will tell you how to use the new moon of that month for the best results, but this time, in the annual new moon in your Virgo sign, things are different, because in this case, you have to decide what you want him to do. What is the dream in your heart that you would like to present, dear Virgin? Use the powerful energy of this new moon to take a step towards assimilating this desire. Astrology is all about timing, which is the time for you to take a big step or a small one – it’s up to you. The point is that you start getting closer to realizing your dream.

Mercury is your ruling planet and also the ruler of the new moon in Virgo, 3 degrees. This means that Mercury played a large role in that new moon. Fortunately, Mars, the great planet of motion, is beautifully oriented to transiting Mercury in Libra. Mars will give you the determination and energy to pursue what you want to achieve – you will feel this is the time to do it. You will also receive elegant rays of transformative Pluto located in your fifth house of love, Aries, and children, and this area of ​​your chart also governs your creativity. One of these areas will prove important to you and help you transform your life into the ones you can visualize in your mind.

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