Megan Thee Stallion hosts rap songs and works at Hot Girl Hospital


Megan Thee Stallion Performed triple duty as host, performer And the Hot girl residing in “Saturday Night Live”.

The 27-year-old rapper, who previously served as a musical guest on the season 46 premiere back in 2020, Hit the stage at Studio 8H With a few of her trending phrases, change her alter ego and lyrics in order to host her “SNL” for the first time.

Megan Thee Stallion wore a sheer black dress topped with a corset in her monologue, She celebrated her graduation from Texas Southern University last December.

Fans may know her as Tina Snow, Suga, or Hot Girl Meg, but she joked that after touring and making a record while earning her degree, she’s now “Megan The (girl) needs some sleep. “

“I got my degree in health management because I always wanted to help people in my community,” said the rapper, “Hot Girl Summer.” “I think it’s important to have a sharp mind and a sharp body.”

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She channeled that notch in her first sketch of the night: “Hot Girl Hospital,” where three everyday heroes glow in the community “one dusty chick at a time.”

With Punkie Johnson and Ego Nwodim as fellow nurses, Megan Thee Stallion on ‘Hot Girl Hospital’ clears up chats about ’tissue lift followed by emergency twerk exam’ Thanks NBA star Draymond Green for funding the hospital as part of post-fight community service And he helps transform a patient (Heidi Gardner) from “basic” to brand new, complete with a BBL, tight pink dress and long blonde wig.

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The voiceover says, “When life is on the line, these are the three women who answer the call, say something rude, and then hang up.”

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What songs did Megan Thee Stallion perform on SNL?

Megan Thee Stallion debuted her first performance of the night with the song “Anxiety” from her sophomore album Tromazine.

In a red Jessica Rabbit-esque gown and “Miss Anxiety” scarf, the rapper channeled the pageant world while singing about bad girls having “bad days too,” surrounded by her reserve dancers who also wear crowns. Weary, Mrs. Underbed, Mrs. Overseas, Mrs. Oversized and Mrs. Insecure. Emotional Megan Thee Stallion concluded the show with tears in her eyes and a big smile on her face.

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Her second performance, a mix of “NDA” and “Plan B”, featured a different version of the rapper. In a black corset top and a pair of cut-out jeans, topped with sunglasses and an oversized cuban chain link, Meghan dominated the stage with confident flow and strong delivery.

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