Uncle Luke responds to Fat Joe, saying he’s wearing trick dad and pitbull

2 live crew legend Uncle Luke Calling Fat Joe After the Bronx rapper took credit for helping Trick Daddy and Pitbull make it big.

Fat Joe’s comments came during an appearance on Matt Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast.

“Pitbull, I took his demo and signed him,” said Terror Squad’s head. “Trick Daddy, I took my shit and signed it.”

Uncle Luke, who, of course, is also a Miami representative, took issue with Fat Joe’s claims. The 2 Live Crew rapper took to Instagram to correct Joey Crack.

“I love Joe but I find this interesting because I discovered Trick Daddy,” Luke wrote. “He sang his first song with me as soon as he got to prison and stayed with me. He sang his first song with me as soon as he got to prison and stayed with me.”

Luke continued, “I also found out that @pitbull was signed to Luke’s platinum record label who did their first song with me. Because I’m from Miami I felt the importance of signing a Cuban rapper so I spotted him out of his rap tapes. Maybe I’m missing something here I have the receipts.”

Uncle Luke also went on to remind the hip-hop community that he helped put another Miami legend, DJ Khaled, to life.

“By the way you don’t all see me in videos at birthday parties. Yeah, @djkhaled I found it on Radio Underground Mix 96 brought it to the main stream, radio.”

Watch Fat Joe’s full appearance on expert opinion less.

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