White Noise opens in Venice with a ‘frosty’ standing ovation

gets white noise "lukewarm" 150 seconds of applause at the Venice Film Festival

LR: Adam Driver, Noah Baumbach, Don Cheadle, Greta Gerwig and Judy Turner Smith in white noise Photo of a caller in Venice
picture: John Phillips (Getty Images)

For us regulars, get a movie Which kind of graciousness –Not to mention standing-Extremely rare, it’s probably only reserved for die-hard fans of Marvel’s midnight shows. It’s different for industry insiders at opening festivals: These grandiose affairs deserve a generous response. From an outside perspective, it seems that festival attendees spend half their time on their feet, clapping away from some art film. Arms frame just to think of it!

This is not a blow to the festival culture. It’s a different environment to show a movie in the presence of the actual filmmakers, and why not get some real-time response to their work? But this applause has developed a language of its own. It is not enough to just get up and applaud. The amount of time spent clapping translates into an early review of the film’s quality. (Especially when the actual reviews are still under ban).

That’s why we’re not happy to report Noah Baumbach’s case white noisewho opened a file Venice Film Festival Wednesday night, just a little applause for 150 seconds. This reaction has been described asshort. Described as “muffled.” A room full of people standing on their feet for two and a half minutes diverse The response is called ‘tepid’.

One applause emoji could keep this writer through the new year, but then again, the Venice Film Festival is a different beast. Denis Villeneuve DuneFor example, urging the public to[roar] for eight minutes straight” in 2021, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Other highlights of Venice 2021, per picturethey were Spencer (three minutes) dog power (four minutes), and Parallel mothers (Colossal nine minutes). And don’t forget a lot this year Elvis interactionthe case of ‘loud for 12 minutes’ in Cannes (per diverse), where is the longest applause Even today It was 22 minutes (for Pan . maze).

It’s not exactly the death knell white noise, but it shouldn’t be the response you want when your new movie opens the Venice Film Festival. Don DeLillo’s novel has been called “non-filmable,” so perhaps it is inevitable that the adaptation will be met with mixed reactions. Hopefully Baumbach doesn’t take the meager 150 seconds too much. You’ll get them next time, champ!

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