Travis Kelce’s outfit at Sunday’s game was another Easter egg for Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift She wasn’t there for Sunday’s game between the Chiefs and Vikings, but she was there in spirit — or at least her velvet curtains were. If you miss it yourself, Travis Kelsey You choose to access the game as follows:

A look that instantly brought back memories of Taylor Swift’s Midnights Mayhem TikTok series because of those luxurious velvet pants:

Twitter wasted no time in doing its job:

I mean, is it possible that this was intentionally Travis paying homage to Taylor? 10/10. Especially since he has a track record of dressing to match the theme now that they’re dating, like when he came out in this:

However, as to why Taylor will miss Sunday’s game, the verdict has yet to be made. But it could have something to do with how incredibly thirsty the NFL was — so much so that Travis called them out. He also put it on his own new Horizons Podcast with Jason Kelce, “I think it’s fun when they show who was in the game. I think it adds more to the atmosphere, it adds more to what you’re watching. But at the same time I think ‘…they’re definitely overdoing it a little bit, especially my situation . “I think they’re just trying to have fun.”

(Note: The NFL has no remorse and has not told him this the people In part because “the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce news was a pop culture moment that we embraced in real time, as it’s the intersection of sports and entertainment, and we saw an incredible amount of positivity around the sport.”

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