Travis Kelce provides a perfect look at Harrison Butker

In today’s media ecosystem, where every issue becomes fodder for anger and counter-rage, nuance and realism have no place. Which makes nuance and realism even more valuable when they appear.

We have tried to take a careful and practical approach to the controversy raised by Harrison Butker’s commencement address at Benedictine College. from U.S Initial take On the situation for Chiefs coach Andy Reid responded To the question of whether the kick decision is He made himself clear This will likely complicate his performance, as it would be foolish to expect any attempt to deal with the situation with nuance and pragmatism not to search for anything that would fit within the business model of anger and anti-anger. (We are still trying).

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has tried out as well. He did a good job of finding balance amidst the modern “I’m right, you’re an idiot” rhetoric.

“I cherish him as a teammate,” Kelce said of Butker. new Horizons Podcast with his brother Jason. “I think Pat [Mahomes] It’s best said when he’s a great person and a great teammate. . . . He treated his family and the family she provided for him with nothing but respect and kindness. This is how he treats everyone. When it comes to his opinions and what he said [the] Commencement speech, those are his. I can’t say I agree with most or any of it except his love for his family and kids. I don’t think I should judge him by his views, especially his religious views, about how to live life, This is not who I am“.

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This is how we should all treat others. You live your life, I’ll live mine. If/when I choose to express views I disagree with, I may choose to do so. Or maybe I won’t. Maybe I will continue to live my life the way I choose to live my life.

Of course, this approach does not generate clicks. Vocal minorities at each end of the spectrum have to cram everything into a “fascist” or “woke” box.

The fact remains that most of us reside in the middle. Most of us don’t really want to tell others what they can and cannot do. Most of us are rational, reasonable, and rational people. But it is pointless to cater to the silent majority because they have better things to do than to constantly piss off and nag at those whose views differ from theirs.

Urinating and moaning applies to both sides. It is no longer a matter of engaging in fair debate in the hope of changing minds. It’s about keeping your like-minded base always ready to hear more pissing and moaning that supports the pissing and moaning.

And at the risk of urinating and moaning from all this urination and moaning, haven’t we had enough of urinating and moaning?

The only drawback to this approach is that the ruling party has the ability to stack all federal courts, at every level, with like-minded judges. Since these appointments are for life, their decisions can have a significant impact on our full rights and responsibilities as American citizens.

This is a simple difference that seems to be lost on the majority, especially the majority in the middle. Especially with all the pissing and whining that prevents the middle majority from wanting to care about what’s going on.

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