Travis Kelce goes for a new look in Philly after heading to his brother Jason's neck of the woods… while girlfriend Taylor Swift performs three consecutive sold-out concerts in Singapore

  • It is not clear whether Kelce Bros. They stopped while Travis was in the City of Brotherly Love
  • He and Swift were last seen in Sydney together during the singer's stop in Australia
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Travis Kelce has a new hairstyle as he was spotted getting a new haircut in Philadelphia while Taylor Swift continues to perform to sold-out crowds in Singapore.

On Saturday, the 34-year-old three-time Super Bowl champion was in the City of Brotherly Love, where his older brother, Jason Kelce, lives with his family and plays football. While in town, he made sure to make a quick stop at celebrity barber Willis Orengo, who later shared a photo of the two on Instagram.

'Not 1️⃣ not 2️⃣ but 3️⃣ ❎ Super Bowl Champion!!! “When Travis got tired of his own haircut, he got @jvalanciunas!!!,” Orengo wrote as a comment on his post, referring to the New Orleans Pelicans’ starting center, who many have referred to as a Kelce lookalike.

Earlier, Orengo had shared a photo taken by his fiancée on his Instagram account, revealing that they were traveling to the largest city in Pennsylvania. “Short trip to Philly last night with @willsthebarber,” she captioned a photo of what appeared to be the same room where Orengo and Kelsey took a photo together. A GIF of the Bosses' tight dance was added to the post as well.

Kelsey's new hairstyle comes in between Swift's three consecutive Singapore concerts, as she continues to travel the world for her record-breaking “Eras” tour. The pop star performed at the island nation's National Stadium for the first time on Saturday. Other than Monday, she will perform at the same venue again on March 7, 8 and 9.

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Travis Kelce showed off a new look with barber Willis Orengo in Philadelphia on Saturday
His new haircut comes as Taylor Swift performs three consecutive concerts in Singapore

On Sunday, she announced the fourth and final edition of her upcoming album, Oath of Tortured Poets, via social media. A bonus track titled “The Black Dog” will be added in the final release.

Swift warmed the hearts of many on Saturday after she shared her family's ties to Singapore. Her mother, Andrea, lived there when she was a minor.

“My mom spent a lot of her childhood with her mom, dad and sister growing up in Singapore,” the pop star said in a video from the night shared on X, previously Twitter.

“Often when we came here on tour, my mother would pick me up and drive me past her old house, where she went to school. So I had been hearing about Singapore all my life.

“To come out here and perform a show of this magnitude with so many beautiful and generous people honoring my family with what you just did with this song, it means the world,” she added. I already love you. We're going to have a blast tonight.

Swift traveled to Singapore after performing in Australia last month, including Melbourne and Sydney

While Swift was in Southeast Asia, Patrick Regan — one of her boyfriend's close friends and an NFL barber for the past six years — paid tribute to her character's songwriter while on Tease, where he spoke about his blossoming relationship with the artist.

“Taylor is a very nice person,” Regan said, adding that she is “always interested in what she has to say.”

Last month, in an interview with Fox News, Regan revealed that Swift joins Kelce in almost every cut he gets, with one clip documented on camera by the “You Belong With Me” hitmaker in the past. It was shared on Instagram in December.

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Kelsey, 34, traveled to Australia to support his girlfriend at one of her sold-out shows in late February.

Regan also said that Swift “always compliments” Kelsey's hair after she goes to the barbershop.

Before performing in Singapore, Swift was in Australia, performing in both Sydney and Melbourne. Late last month, Kelsey attended a show in Australia's most populous city to show support for his girlfriend.

The pair also enjoyed a date at Sydney Zoo, much to PETA's dismay.

And while Kelsey has yet to be spotted in Singapore, there are reports that the pair are “making plans” to travel together in the coming months, considering they technically have until August before the NFL preseason begins.

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