A restored clip shows Anthony Mackie’s agreement with Quentin Tarantino in the movie “Death of a Movie Star”

amidst all the press Quentin Tarantino He responded to his comments regarding the decline of movie stars because of “Hollywood Marvel”clip from Anthony Mackie She appeared to share similar sentiments with Tarantino.

Mackie, who plays Sam Wilson, the person Steve Rogers passes the mantle of Captain America to in MCUtalk about The state of the film industry At the 2018 London Comic-Con. Hey ho! entertainment She reappears in the clip from a long time ago marvel The actor shares a candid opinion on how superheroes like Marvel’s, “the death of a movie star.”

In the interview, Mackie can be heard saying, “There aren’t any movie stars anymore. Like, Anthony Mackie isn’t a movie star. The Falcon is a movie star. And that’s what’s weird. He used to be with Tom Cruise and Will Smith and Stallone and Schwarzenegger, when I went to Cinema, you went to see a Stallone movie. You went to see a Schwarzenegger movie. Now you go to see: X-Men. So the evolution of a superhero means the death of a movie star.” He continued to add that in the present day like so many classic films fools or thing, wouldn’t be made today because Hollywood now caters to “16-year-olds and China.” He continues in the clip, “It’s just a different time now. [Hollywood makes] Movies for specific audiences rather than just making good movies. That is why people stopped going to the cinema, because most of the films are vulgar.

While this interview was from 2018, it still seems to hold in today’s age of cinema.

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