Tony Awards 2023: Lea Michele and Miles Frost announce their nominations

credit…Left: Caitlin Och/Reuters. Right: Donavon Smallwood for The New York Times

Lea Michele has been one of Broadway’s biggest stars since last fall, when she stepped into the role of Fanny Brice in a difficult revival of Funny Girl and helped turn the show’s fortunes around. She’s not eligible for a Tony Award, since actress Penny Feldstein originated the role in the run, but she’ll announce the nominations along with Miles Frost, who won a Tony last year for his role in “MJ.”

Since stepping into the role, Michelle, the former “Glee” star, has Receive Rave reviews and full return to Motifs to big success life After facing a wave of criticism from her former classmates who openly accused her of bullying behaviour.

In a New York Times profile last year, Michele discussed those claims and talked about entering a dream role and returning to Broadway. (She said she didn’t mind not being eligible for a Tony, saying, “It’s just about being able to play that role.”)

Fellow co-host, Frost, won a Tony Award last year at the age of 22 for his performance as Jackson in the jukebox musical biopic “MJ.” Frost played his final performance in the role last month.

Frost was plucked from college life and fell to stardom on Broadway after the lead actor left the project. Prior to that, his only theatrical experience was in three high school musicals, but a video of him performing “Billie Jean” in a high school talent show caught the attention of his acting coach, and led to him being cast in the singing and singing industry. Dance like the King of Pop.

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In his profile in The Times last year, Frost discussed his first experience, seeking to embody Jackson without impersonating him, taking on such a complex role in light of allegations that Jackson had sexually abused children.

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