Tom Brady in Antonio Brown: “This is a very difficult situation for everyone involved.”

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Buccaneers Quarterback Tom Brady, In post-match comments from Sunday, called for sympathy and compassion for the recipient Antonio Brown. In his latest episode Let’s go! The podcast on SiriusXM reaffirmed his belief that Brady Brown could tackle the issues he is currently dealing with.

“I’ve known Antonio for two years, you know, very close,” Brady told Jim Gray. “We were obviously a teammate, I love him, I care about him, I have a lot of compassion. I have a lot of sympathy for things that happen in his life. So there are a lot of challenges we all face from time to time. I think it’s best to have a support system even outside of football. I think, because again, yes, we are footballers, we are athletes, we give everything we can on the field, but we live off the field and I will continue to do everything I can to be a best friend and support to Antonio and the things he enjoys.

Brady repeatedly mentioned the problems Brown faces away from football.

“I think of Ricky Williams, I think Calvin Ridley This year, the young player of the Atlanta Falcons withdrew from the game, ”said Brady. “And, again, I do not think anyone lives in anyone’s shoes. So you do not know what others are doing. You know what you’re doing, you go to work every day and try to do your job. You build relationships with the team and I’m been doing it for a long time, you’re trying to get to know people, do everything you can to help them. I will try my best to do what I can for the different people, whatever it may be, on the field, off the field, family life, career life, and in the situations presented to me as a person. Trying to survive. I try to live honestly, you know, and I care about people beyond the football field. So, again, this is a very difficult situation for everyone to deal with. It showed itself in this example yesterday, but it showed itself with Simon Piles at the Olympics, and she came out and talked a little bit about it. So this is definitely more than we thought. You know, we all thought we were robots and we would go out there and play, and it’s more than that now. I think there is a recognition to that, we all have a humanity to everything we do there. It is very comforting to know that people see athletes in deeper ways than their potential on the field.

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Brady said he did not realize what had happened to Brown, who took off his game pants and ran off the field until the end of the game.

“I didn’t understand what was going on until the game was over,” Brady said. “I do not understand what happened. I saw Mike after the game [Evans] Tried to talk to Antonio, O.J. [Howard]. I know Bruce [Arians] There was even. Again, this was a very difficult situation for everyone involved.

Gray described Brown as “Jerry Rise out,” and Gray said he would certainly “not only be a teammate on the pitch but also a footballer, he would never miss seeing such beauty again. At least not seemingly.”

“Yeah, I think, again, you’ll know all the normal aspects of what’s going on in a team, to see people outside, who you do not know, this is what you want to see. Categorize something in a situation and in a certain way,” Brady said. “And, you know, life is not like that. For the guys in the team who work hard every day to get themselves involved in what our goals are, we must continue to focus. Antonio is a great player and a very talented player. And we all want the best for him. We really do. .I think the team players and coaches have a very supportive team and this is a very difficult situation for everyone.I do not think there is a better way to summarize anything other than saying that there are a lot of teammates who support him. I am.

We believe here are not the compelling words Brady has to say, on the way out, to make sure Brady speaks to Brown’s best angels to get the seventh ring he wants under his wing (and when he takes Brown into his house, he’s giving Brown the same support). It would be easy to forget Brady Brown and focus on the task at hand. But if Brown needs help, and Brady is one of the few people who can tell Brown the hard truths, I hope Brady will do it.

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