Todd Howard talks Fallout 76 crossplay and cross-progression

Fallout 76an MMORPG from Bethesda set in… He falls The universe is perhaps more popular today than ever thanks to a new TV series from Amazon. So it makes sense that in a recent interview, Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard was asked about it Fallout 76 And The intersection. And while the ability for PC and console players to mingle seems to be off the table, Howard at least seemed more positive about mutual progression.

Since launch He falls TV show earlier this month, all of the He falls Gaming has exploded in popularity. This includes the black sheep of the family, Fallout 76. The online-only casual game is seeing more players than ever before across all platforms. As thousands of new players rush into the post-apocalyptic open world MMORPG, they may expect – like most games in 2024 – that Fallout 76 It will support cross-play or at least cross-progression. However, if you're playing on Xbox, you won't be able to play with PC players or PlayStation players, and all your progress is tied to that platform as well. Although cross-play seems unlikely, Todd Howard seems more open to a future where cross-play is important. Fallout 76.

Kinda funny

On the April 29 episode of Kinda funny game, Howard talked about He falls Franchise and the future of cross-play in Fallout 76.

“We continue to look into it, however [Fallout 76] It wasn't designed that way from the beginning. “Obviously we're getting into server and database silos,” Howard said.

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When asked about cross-play or cross-progression, he offered Bethesda's opinions on the existing features Becomes standard in 2024.

“That's what I would say, is that for us, the more important thing is cross-progression rather than cross-play – and we're separating the two – we'd like to have it all for sure. It's something we're looking at but I will say it's absolutely [Fallout 76] It was designed from the beginning – a technical lift. I'm not saying we do or don't do anything, we just look at it and see where it will impact people.

He continued: “I think moving forward in the world that we want to be in, I think that's very important and something you know in our future games that we'll be really keen to make sure of that – in particular.” Progression — where you can choose a game, no matter what screen you're on, you can continue to follow your character and what you've been doing.

Funnily enough, Howard suggested that if employees are upset by something in their games — like the lack of cross-play — it becomes a higher priority for them and they fix it.

“When we can't catch it and [make progression,] It moves it to the top of the stack internally.

So we just need some people in Bethesda to get upset Fallout 76I think it's the lack of cross saves!


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