These games turn bad mobile game ads into actually good puzzles

Zoom in / Can You Do you master the fancy physics and arcane game theory needed to overcome this challenge?


I saw them. If you've tried to read almost anything on the internet, especially on a social media site, you know those mobile game ads.

“A lot of people have failed before! Do you think you can do better?” one reads, superimposed over an auto-playing video of a simple puzzle played by an unseen and incredibly stupid hand. He pulls the wrong pin, melts the gold, and drowns the king. Or she can't do elementary arithmetic, so she sends a “10” fighter to her death against a “13” creature, ignoring the “8” she could have chosen to add up to 18. Sometimes, there are colored liquids in the tubes to be poured , and are chosen with a foolishness that is almost elegant.

It's infuriating, but you know it works, because These ads Keep showing up. If you actually downloaded these games, you'd discover that they were full of pop-up ads, relentlessly barking microtransactions, or that they were an irrelevant and completely cynically monetized game. What if you could actually play the original bait games, for a reasonable one-time fee, made by a developer who was in on the joke?

The stage selection music should be a bit much, but no one will sue you if you turn the sound off.

That's exactly what Those games We are. Their full address is Yes! You want “those games,” right? So here you go! Now, let's see you remove them!, originally in all capital letters. Developer Monkeycraft, makers Katmari Damacy Reol I have now made many games that don't seem to exist. They did just that It arrived on PlayStationhaving already provided their public services on Nintendo Switch And Windows on Steam. The package is $10 on all platforms.

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Some people would find that price a bargain, if given the chance to prove how much better they are at these types of puzzles than the dark psychological patterns that mock them. Some people may wait for the sale, since you actually get some very free puzzles. But after spending more time than I expected with it, I can confirm that once you get past the first few levels and adjust to some of the titles' slightly muddy controls, each set of games starts to give you real, carefully crafted challenges.

Three matches in Those games It became instantly familiar to me, as someone who owns a smartphone and reads things on it. Surprisingly, I've never seen the last two listed here:

  • Pull the pinRemove barriers between you and monsters, traps and treasures in the correct order.
  • Tower of numbers-Send out your ranked fighter to deal with numbered monsters, potions, power-ups, and debuffs in the correct order
  • Color laboratoryCombines similar colors from bottles in the correct order
  • Parking lotMoving cars in different directions outside the area with a circular drive in the correct order
  • Running cashautomatically clicking on a walking man to make him collect money to avoid obstacles, and end up with enough so that he is not “poor” and disappoints his wife.

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