Former Call of Duty developer Bobby Kotick criticizes for making games 'worse'

Eliana Bolati

Activision's Bobby Kotick has passed awayBlizzard for a few days, but the former Call of Duty developer claimed his decisions made the game “worse.”

Bobby Kotick has departed his role as Senior President of Activision/Blizzard. In light of this, several former employees of the company revealed their negative thoughts about the former CEO and how he negatively affected the games they were working on.

Recently, a former Call of Duty developer spoke candidly about the former CEO in a Twitter thread. “Bobby's decisions made our games worse.” said Twitter user @chhopsky, a former Call of Duty at Demonware programmer.

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She then went on to describe a case in which she was forced to defend a colleague after Kotick “threatened” to “kill” them.

She wasn't the only person at Activision/Blizzard who felt Kotick's decisions were detrimental to the games and the teams working on them.

Andy Belford, Blizzard's community manager, also spoke about the decisions made by the then-CEO that caused problems when Overwatch 2 launched on Steam.

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Belford's thread alleges that Kotick denied the Overwatch 2 community team resources to help them adequately deal with review bombings on Steam. As well as forcing the team to tweak Steam, even though that wasn't actually part of their roles with Blizzard.

“At the end of it all, player/worker experience meant nothing to CSuite and executive leadership. It was all about the quarterly earnings call.” He finished the topic.

Currently, there is no official announcement on who will replace Kotick as CEO of the company.

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While fans celebrated his departure from Activision/Blizzard, it remains to be seen what kind of changes his departure will bring.

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