The three zodiac signs with raw horoscopes on Friday 5 August 2022

Let’s get down to business: the whole day is all about work and the aggravation that we find in the workplace. This won’t last and won’t affect everyone, but for those who will feel the pinch of Uranus’s moon opposite, the pain is real.

Today when we ask for a premium increase only to be told that it is not possible.

This is also the day we try to do something different, only to find out that no one cares or is looking. Efforts made on this day during the moon opposite Uranus are futile, or rather lie dormant until further notice.

The worst part of the day is that we really think it’s going to be a good part. We do our best to improve things, and make time to complete tasks that will only work if we take care of them.

With all this good effort, one might think success is inevitable, and it might be, just not today. Sorry. The opposition of the Moon with Uranus is not really a success-breaker.

Rebellion and breaking the rules? Yes, but not success.

This day is useful to think about things before you act on them. The day doesn’t have to be a mess. It’s about acting on discretion.

Today’s success requires us to be able to be patient, take a step back and watch what happens before we plunge into it with our “great” ideas. It’s a “think before we act” kind of day, and that would be the best advice.

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