The Super Mario RPG progression bug will be corrected as a workaround

Super Mario RPG error

Nintendo has provided a notice regarding a bug in Super Mario RPG Which can prevent progress if encountered.

The error may appear after the Paratroopa event in Monstro City. You’ll know something is wrong if the paratroopers don’t appear at Land’s End. The good news is that Nintendo has shared a workaround, which simply involves going to the Mushroom Kingdom and back to Land’s End again.

Nintendo says the following regarding the progression bug in Super Mario RPG:

A bug has been found in Super Mario RPG for Nintendo Switch that may leave you unable to progress in the game.

Impurity contents

In some cases, after the Paratroopa event triggers in Monstro Town, the Paratroopa will not appear when you go to Land’s End, making you unable to progress in the game.

Workaround for the bug

If you encounter this error, you must go to the Mushroom Kingdom, and then return to Land’s End again. Doing so would make the paratroopers appear as intended.


  • There is no need to go inside the castle in the Mushroom Kingdom. The glitch must be fixed if you enter the city surrounding the castle.
  • It’s a good idea to use the map to travel to the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • When returning to Land’s End from the Mushroom Kingdom, you can either use the map or the “To World Map” option.

Nintendo also says it will address the issue permanently with a patch planned for December. We’ll give you a heads up once it’s published.

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